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Microsoft Software Is Dangerous

The latest Windows 8 software update has broken my PC along with thousands of other users and they do not care and will not fix it. The update automatically happened without my consent, MS fail to mention that they do this and surprisingly fail to respond to all the poor people this has happened to. They make millions, what do they care about the individual? My PC no longer boots up, showing a purely black screen and cannot be rebooted with a disc. So thanks Microsoft, you have just lost me over £1200 and I'll be paying that off for the next 2 years. I hope Linux/Ubuntu take over from you soon as they actually care about their users.

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Good if you don't have to ring customer services! BEWARE IF BUYING A PC!!

I have been a customer of Littlewoods for years now. I have had the occasional problem with deliveries and things being out of stock after ordering - however, the latest dealing I have had with them really takes the biscuit...
I ordered a base unit PC, an Acer G3 Predator. It showed as a 2TB HDD, 10GB Ram, i5 CPU - a gaming computer. When it arrived, I set it all up and turned it on, I was over the moon as it is much faster than my old PC. However, after looking at the control panel, I could see the specs were different. THEY HAD ONLY SENT A 1TB HDD. When I rang Littlewoods to complain and find out how they were going to fix this, they fobbed me off, blamed Acer and said I needed to ring Acer to fix it - however after speaking to Acer they said it was Littlewood's fault. I have been passed from pillar to post and Littlewoods do not care at all. They completely lied and will not take any blame for it! They also had the audacity to tell me that as I had turned on the item, I could not return it! What on earth else was I going to do with a new computer? Leave it in the box to look at?
I am going to be contacting Ofcom and Watchdog to make sure they cannot swindle any one else. ABSOLUTELY DISPICABLE - BUYER BEWARE.


Good gifts, good service

I ordered my sister's Xmas present from Needapresent, a personalised wine glass. It arrived within the estimated time (about a week), it was very easy to order from their website and I was happy with the product. The only thing I would say is that the glass was a bit dirty, but I know it was shipped directly from the manufactuer so this isn't really Needapresent's fault, I just would have prefered it to arrive sparkling. Overall, very happy and would recommend.

Glasses Direct

Will never go anywhere else for glasses again

I ordered 2 pairs of glasses from Glasses Direct online. The transaction was quick and simple, the designs are gorgeous and the offer was outstanding! What I was most pleased with was that one pair of the glasses was ready before the other, and they still sent them out to me in two seperate parcels instead of making me wait until the second pair were ready. I was desperate without my glasses and most companies would rather save money in posting and packaging than think of the consumer. Another great thing was that I was called by a lovely lady to confirm I had put the correct prescription through (as the adjustment I needed is minimal, and she thought maybe I had done it incorrectly).
Overall a fantastic service that I have recommended to all my friends and family.

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