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Loyalty doesn't pay with BT

Been with BT all its life and reluctant to change, but BT take adavantage of loyal customers by increasing charges all the time. Not really a good service either and there are better but I haven't wanted to bother - yet!


Great store but sell want they want rather than the customers' requirements!

Great store but sell want they want rather than the customers' requirements!
Use them all the time for family, but they lose their loyalty in many ways. Will change to Morrisons if they build a store nearby!


Do we really need this service now?

Expensive, always on about 'rights issues' which marks a dying beast trying to retain its existance. Respected and admired historically, and still very worthy overseas services - about to be culled. It never changes its attitude on TV - same old, same old, and boring programmes. Never feel inclined to watch TV now, and the radio is becoming trash to especially local!
I listen a lot to recorded talks and CD's as well as watch DVD's documentary items!

Not impressed! found this review useful


Useful store

Always a useful store to buy items from, good quality. Service is a bit strange but suppose that is the Argos system!


Waiting to be tried

I have had Yodel recommended to me and will try them because their prices reflect what I want to pay and also that they seem to want to build up business relations with potential customers


Want to give them full marks but....

Wish I could give eBay full stars but the charges are ridiculous. If they gave more consideration they could have many many more entrepreneurs developing and giving them more business than Amazon!


Long term favourite

Always used Dell Products and never had any problems that cannot be sorted - great company!


Would like better service for the individual

Sometimes the word 'budget' excuses being treated like cattle and Easyjet have this problem. Its a shame because the airline has great adavantages, but it no personal touch, in fact many of the employees seem to resent customers. Wish I could rate them with full stars but they need to change a lot!


Social and useful opinion site

Great idea and so useful to make contacts all over the world


Great service

Reliable, secure and perfect transaction system


Reliable service

Always a useful tool in searching for items!

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