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Overclockers UK

Customer service is number one.

Spending a lot on a computer upgrade is always a little daunting and you have to look deeper than price. Customer service holds a lot of weight in the decision making process.

OcUK not only have the best prices on average but they have by far and away the best customer service.
Over the last couple of weeks I've be annoying Gibbo, 5UB and Bailey with questions, demands and general indecision....They've been patient, honest and all round top notch when it comes to customer satisfaction.

After 500 questions (give or take) I ordered a 780 Phantom which arrived speedily........the phantom is lovely card and very quiet but it's 2.5 slots wide.....my mistake....

I contacted them via their forums and got a return without hassle.

Now I'm going to annoy them again with more questions :p


phone to cancel is bollox

nice enough service, I didn't get enough out of it to pay what they ask.

now I've to phone to cancel, pay money to call them and wait to listen to their call centre bullshit....

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Cheap but poor delivery

Usually well priced goods, nice offers (though too much coal and too few diamonds)

Delivery times are abysmal so order well in advance and don't pre order games for a release day....they won't be there.


Nice alternative to the shops

decent site, well laid out but can be pricey compared to other online etailers.

Delivery times are poor.


Safe, secure and expensive

Good service but the charges are very high.


Best search engine around

4/5 only because of the amount of data it stores on its users but it's miles ahead of the rest in other areas.


Going downhill

Started great but recently getting a little to "business" ads popping up everywhere, asking for more data and forcing changes instead of giving options.

Time to abandon ship?


Great stuff, what e-shopping should be.

Fast services, cheap delivery (more of the time free) and very competitive.

Products could use some more information in places.


Formerly great

For years I've used MP and there products and services had been great but now my last 3 out of 4 orders have been very late despite paying an extra £5 delivery. The products aren't great anymore often coming in chalky or oversweet or just plain horrible.

Truth is that competitors do it better and cheaper now.

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