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Worst delivery Service ever

I ordered through Isme for delivery for today between 7 am and 12 pm.
Isme can't help me, at yodel is no one available. I am out later thats why I chose the time and 2 of the items are presents, so I will have no presents, lot of people will be very upset. Not the first time. Just can hope, I get my stuff before I leave, otherwise I will have a big problem. This is disgraceful and you can't even speak to someone on yodel! Again the Middleton depot!!!

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07 April 2014

Reply from Yodel

Hi Miriam,

I'd love to look into this properly for you. Just email over confirming your full delivery address to social.media@yodel.co.uk. Can I also check you have now received your parcel?



Appalling Customer Service with no understanding

I order and shop my clothes from Evans for a number of years. There was never a problem until last December. The delivery service gets worse and worse. I ordered some stuff from a gift card I got for christmas right after christmas and never got it. It took 4 weeks and many calls to get a refund! I ordered than with this giftcard again a dress to be delivered on my 40th birthdau as I knew I'd be home. The delivery compana (yodel) was supposed to send me a text with a time frame , which never happened and I had to stay in ALL day!!! In the later afternoon I checked the tracking than saying they attempted delivery but couldnt gain access!!! Utter rubbish as I was in and nobody rang and they just had to ring the door bell! I complained and I am still waiting for my reimburse. They say they sent another giftcard in 7th March, which never reached me. And it takes days for them to respond. I do not see the point in calling them as it's expensive! All the stress I had the last 3.5 months because of them, nothing reimbursed or anything. I love the clothes there, but I guess I will buy elsewhere in the future. Thats a no go. AVOID!!!!!


Bad customer service, won't refund me

I booked a car on christmas for last week. I had a late flight to Germany and when I came to Thrifty to pick up my already fully paid car, I got told I have to pay an additional 1000€!!!!!!! Which I of not had. i told the lady behind the desk i do n have a limit my card, where she replied "You don't have an unlimited card/" Aehm, sorry, but i am not a millionaire! So I had to leave without a car and because it was late I had to look, if there was a possibility to get to my Dads place that late. I had to take the last train. I called rentalcars customer service and got an advisor who told me to put it in writing over the website as he couldn't do anything! It would take 28 days to reply back!!!! I asked him to get me a manager on the phone. A manager came and said the same and mentioned well I left the car hire company which wasn't good. Sorry it was late, i had no car and he is complaining???? I wrote them an email the next day, they offered me a refund of half the money, but I didn't even get this so far!!! NEVEREVER book rental.cars!!!! Awful company!


Horrible, very rude drivers

I order online my grocerie shopping for over 2 years with Tesco. Within that time, I spent at least £3000 at TESCO!!! That is a lot of money!
Since I live in Sale, the deliveries got worse. The last 2 deliveries and drivers were horrible. Rude, in a hurry drivers, half my order missing and they wanted me to sign even I didn't have all my items! When I refused, the last driver had to go back down and get my stuff. He was very rude, said he was late now because of me. Well, if he saihadn't forgotten half my order, he wouldn't be late? His fault. He said he would complain about me. I wrote an email to customer service got a call back with an apologie. But nothing has happen ever since.... I wrote twice and got just rubbish emails back they investigate. Thats 3 weeks ago.
One thing is for sure. I will NEVER order there again!!!


non existent customer service

I recently bought the Veet Easywax
Electrical Roll-On. I used it as it was on the leaflet. First it took 40 minutes instead of 20 to heaten up properly, then i got rushes and burns on my legs. I already used warmwax in the past and experienced nothing like that at all! The after care was VERY oily and ugly. I wrote them the first email over the homepage last week monday. Nothing happened. I wrote again over the veet homepage and the rb.com homepage on Monday. Again, they don't bother to get back to me at all!!!! I know one thing for sure, I will never, ever buy any veet or reckitt benckiser products AGAIN! My legs still have marks on and i made pictures, but this company doesn't bother at all. I NEVER experienced such a crap customer service!!!


one of the best companies I ordered from

Can't complain about the service. I moved recently and they delivered in time to my new address! The young lady on the phone was very nice and the emails were in a timely, professional manner.
I work in customer service myself, so I should know! Beanbag is fantastic, very comfy and looks very nice in my new flat!
Thank you buyyourbeanbag!

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