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GolfStoreEurope Ltd

Slow, misleading and not learning

Dear GSE,

I really wish you guys would take your customers seriously, and simply stand up and admit your ongoing lines of mistakes.

As for my own order, I made sure that you had all products in stock when I placed it. Still you needed to backorder and caused me to wait. And reading from the reviews here, I see I'm not the only one. I won't speculate in if this is a good long term business model...

The fact is that I would actually love to use you guys; IF you were serious.

Unfortunately, I personally felt that you mislead me, and thats what you should worry about. How was MY experience with you. Don't come up with excuses why things ended up the way they did, and why I should NOT feel this way.

I sure have better things to do than writing long essays about webshops for the heck of it it. So when I and many others complain, you should spend more time listening and less time coming up with excuses.

SOLVE whatever problems you have in your logistics, and take your clients seriously.

I order tools from UK on a monthly basis, and most stuff are delivered to my door in Norway within 7-10 days. (Included time in customs)

Bottom line, it does not have to be this way but I am not convinced you actually try to improve.

I consider this review within the guidlines, and if its reported it will be another confirmation that you don't listen to your customers.



Waste of time II

I have no words for how ridicolous this system is, and it surprise me that you guys don't worry about your integrity going down the drain. (You business model is our trust, and nobody trust you?? Reality check..)

In a larger scale, I really doubt the majority of people have the havit of leaving reviews (god or bad) for no reason. If thats a problem, I suggest you remove the best and the worst review for every 10th post, to get a better average.

If a proof of purchase is required to keep every bad reviews online, I suggest you also require one to keep the good ones online, too. Anything else will ONLY lead to misleading scores.

Isn't it convenient for a company to just hit the report button on all the bad reviews and hope the customer never bothers to dig out the proof of purchase?

Sorry guys, for me the trust and use of Trustpilot stops here.

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11 April 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Christer,

Thanks for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that you don't trust us.

Trustpilot is a useful platform that more than 3 million consumers visit every month. The single most important reason to the increasing popularity is that consumers - in general - trust the reviews they read. As a result, we dedicate a lot of resources to ensure the reviews you read are made by real people with real buying experiences.

We want the review platform to be open, but we also want reviews from consumers with real buying experiences. That's why any consumer or company can report a review. It's an efficient way to improve the overall quality of reviews and the process also works well to get rid of malicious reviews from competitors, etc.

You are right that companies can report all negative reviews. When they do so, anyone can see that on their company profile page, so we always encourage companies to claim their free company profile to reply back to the negative feedback they may get.

I hope this explains things better and that you are willing to give Trustpilot a second chance.

Joakim Ditlev


Fast delivery to Norway

I am really impressed with how fast my tools arrived.

Ordered on May 21st and delivered on my door in Norway (Northern parts) May 26th!!

I can hardly order anything within Norway and have it delivered that fast.

Great work! Recommended!

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