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Misleading free delivery

I don't understand why pretty much the whole of Scotland is considered an extended areas in the UK which may has additional surcharge for postage. It costs no more to send to Glasgow than it does to send to Manchester and if their courier is charging them an extra £20 to deliver a medium package to Glasgow then they should sack their Supply Chain manager. Dont don't waste your time going through to checkout with purchases if you don't live in England as delivery will cost you. Y


Dodgy sales tactics, unacceptable practices, appalling customer service. Avoid at all costs

I received a phone call from Talk Talk saying that they wanted to give me a free tv package upgrade as they wanted to make sure their existing customers received the same deal as that offered to new customers. He insisted several times that I install the box as quickly as I could so that they could check it was working correctly and if I didn't they could charge me for the box. So I agreed to the free upgrade and only towards the end of the call did he say that my contract would be extended for a further 24 months. Now, I was not an unhappy Talk Talk customer as have been with them for years and so, caught offhand and realising that you get nothing for nothing no matter what the sales guy tells you, I said okay.

The box and router arrived lunchtime on 5th November and my husband connected it that evening. Now for a variety of reasons including exposed cabling and router in the hall, dissatisfaction with tv offering and the fact that our smart tv offered an equivalent service we decided to return the tv box and ask that we return to our old package of tv and broadband with the contract ending in a few months. This is where the trouble started.

Firstly I spoke to an agent who asked me the details of why we wanted to return it. She passed me onto someone in the Loyalty Team who again asked why we didn't want it and he tried hard to convince us to keep it. I was adamant that we didn't want it and was dumbfounded to hear that it would cost us £200 to return it. I explained that at no time was this ever mentioned in the initial call selling us the deal, but he was equally adamant that we keep it or pay £200 as the telephone and broadband deal we were on prior to this upgrade was not now available. I asked to speak to a supervisor and after hanging on for a long while got through to a supervisor in India.

Again I explained the situation and again the reasons we did not want the package and asked him why we couldn't return the tv box under the Distance Selling Rules or under the 14 day cooling off period. He agreed that we shouldn't have to pay the £200 and I then asked him to organise that our account go back to its status before the "free" TV upgrade. His computer failed and he had to call me back a while later. On his return call he confirmed I could return the tv box and router, there would be no charge and he would arrange a return delivery bag. He then passed me to the cancellations team to have my account returned to its original status.

Imagine my frustration when the agent started from scratch telling me I couldn't cancel and it would cost £200 to return the TV box - nothing on my file about not being charged! I asked to speak to the supervisor who had passed the call to him (Mario I think) but instead was put through to a heavily accented supervisor called Rheyn Suabez who told me it was not possible to return the box without incurring a charge and that I had agreed to an extension to my contract and the Distance Selling Rules and 14 day cooling off period did not apply as I had connected the device the night before. I explained hat this was only because the sales rep had urged me several times to get do this as quickly as possible after receipt. I now had a 24 month contract and a tv package I did not want. The other option was to break the contract which would cost me £360! On checking the terms and conditions i see that because i connected i will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and agree that you will also lose your statutory right of cancellation under the Regulations.

So that was why the sales guy placed so much emphasis on getting it connected so quickly. The minute you switch it on your are stuffed! I have gone from being an ambivalent customer To now being a very frustrated and angry one : {

Perhaps now I shouldn't be surprised TalkTalk is prepared to employ such tactics to hand-cuff disaffected customers for relatively short term, comparatively minimal financial gain, rather than have them actively want to stay because of good service and good value.

Do not trust anything these people say to you on the phone. Do not agree to anything on the phone until you see all their ambiguous terms and conditions or you will be trapped into their 24 month plan.


Received phone call from Talk Talk last night agreeing to roll back my contract and arrange free uplift of TV box after registering complaint with them. Maybe they are getting their act together.

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Impressive quality and service

I ordered a mattress and it was delivered the following morning. I received a text to say when it would arrive and sure enough, it arrived within the time frame allocated. I am really pleased with the qulaity of the mattress, it is so comfortable zzzzz

30 May 2012

Reply from Mattressman

Thank you for your custom and for taking the time to leave your feedback it is much appreciated.

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