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Virgin Wines is indeed a scam.

I called Virgin Wines three times after I placed one order.
I asked to cancel all the orders right after I placed it. The customer service told me all my orders had been cancelled and promised me I will receive the cancellation e-mail in 48 hours.
After two days, I called Virgin Wines again since I had not received the cancellation e-mail. The customer service told me this order has been processed so it cannot be cancelled. They only cancelled the future orders at last time I called. They told me they will send me a shipment confirmation e-mail with FedEx tracking number. Virgin Wines even told me I can call FedEx to refuse the on-the-way package by the tracking number.
After two days, I called Virgin Wines again since I had not received the tracking number. The customer service told me Virgin Wines does not have the tracking numbers for their customers to track the orders. She told me the order has been shipped through FedEx; and I have to obtain this tracking number through FedEx. There is no way Virgin Wines would know the tracking number of their shipped product since it is the responsibility of FedEx. This madam also told me she is not the ladies I talked before so she does not know what they promised me. I asked to speak to her manager, and she hung me up.
I called FedEx. FedEx told me there is no package coming to my address through them.


Wrong item not belong to NEWEGG


Do not order anything from NEWEGG.

I ordered Lenovo ThinkPad 43N3423 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive.

Few days later, I received a Toshiba Internal Notebook Hard Drive with a receipt (printed the Lenovo product that I ordered).

I thought Toshiba might manufacture some accessories for Lenovo.

I returned the Toshiba product with the reason "The size does not apply to my notebook."

A week later, NEWEGG informed me as below:

Your RMA (RMA Number: 25016372) return was received and sent to our Inspections Department for closer examination.

Unfortunately, the item(s) you requsted for RMA was not what we received.
This RMA was issued fpr item 22-502-019 NBHD 500G Lenovo
serial number 1S43N3423PBWMM86.
We received simalar item but with
serial number 32F4P0XHTQK4
, Newegg has not history of this item belonging to Newegg. This item will not be accepted and will be returned.

For further assistance, we recommend contacting the manufacturer directly to see if they can offer repair or replacement of the item(s) under manufacturer warranty. Please use the following link to find the contact info for any manufacturer whose items we carry: Contact Manufacturer.

We greatly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and thank you for your patience and understanding. The item(s) are currently being shipped back to you and should arrive in approximately 5 - 10 business days.


I never have Toshiba products in my apartment.

I have not ordered any accessories for my notebook for more than one year.

I packed this Toshiba something into its original package right after I unpacked it, and returned it to NEWEGG.

So, if I really follow NEWEGG's instruction, would Toshiba accept this wrong item and send me a Lenovo?

I did not take pictures of the packed-with-NEWEGG-receipt item.
Well, they can still deny it.

Since the proof of mistake is held in NEWEGG, they can conduct whatever process they want.

Do not buy from NEWEGG or you would probably get NON-NEWEGG something and lose your money.

I will not accept this Toshiba something that they ship back to me until they tell me where it came from.

There are more negative reviews online. I sincerely hope Mr. Fred Chang not to dishonor our mother country.

After several communications, NEWEGG still replies that NON-NEWEGG Toshiba something, not my refund, is coming to me.

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