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Fantastic flights and total trip

Flew Manchester to Sofia, Bulgaria in January for a ski holiday. Flights were excellent! Great price, generally on time. Was very happy in particular that sale of alcohol was at their discretion and could be limited (much in contrast to my Jet2 experience 4 months later!). I didn't intend to put that in my review, but since I took so long to write this, it is now relevant!

Cabin crew were lovely and quick, food was good, seats were comfy. I have very long legs, and whilst I didn't have extra space, I wasn't too crammed in like with a very many planes. Cabin crew were so on the ball with things - nothing had the chance to go out of sorts (not a bit of bad behaviour, not a bag on a seat) without someone checking it out.



Leeds Bradford to Prague in April 2013. In summary, stag and hen do's everywhere. I was sexually molested, I wasn't able to see or hear the security briefing and a drunk lad ran up and down the plane during landing, and Jet2's response to my complaint was that everything on the airplane was 'in hand'. In more detail... Jet2 was our only airline option for the trip we wanted. My wife and I had to pay to sit together, which was overall to be expected (though still ridiculous), as we booked it somewhat late, and paid more than I would expect with Jet2 for our flights. Moving on... After boarding, we were approached and surrounded by a group of drunk lads on a stag do. My wife had seen them at the pub whilst we had lunch, and they'd had between 4 and 6 pints each. We overheard that two of them refused to pay to book seats, and they ended up behind us, whilst the rest were next to and in front of us! I told the stewardess that it was a bad situation, and we really needed to be moved as a priority. She said she would sort us out after take-
off. She never did. Jet2 continually served the drunk lads beer and spirits, and it just got louder and more obnoxious. (And nevermind that my wife and were going to order champagne to start our holiday off with a little something nice.) They started to interact with passengers around them. Nothing from the staff. A small hen to next to them were part of this ruckus, and when I got up to complain, on my way back one of them grabbed me inappropriately. She apologised in a drunken way, but with her friends and a drunk group of dumb lads on her side, I had little recourse but to cower back to my seat instead of tell her off. Next, the man from the stag do sat next to me spilled beer all over himself, and onto my new trainers. Formal complaints resulted in Jet2 and the Civil Aviation Authority both 'investigating' but concluding that nothing was wrong on the flight, and everything was in-hand. Next time, I am going to demand that a police report is filed for sexual molestation. Maybe that will force them to at least admit their staff are under-trained and under-qualified. Plus, their official policy seems to be to make as much money off of the sale of alcohol as possible!

I cannot believe to this day that after 2 complaints to Jet2 Customer Services, they just claim that nothing was their fault, and everything was 'hunky dory' on their plane. It was not a safe environment to be in!

Besides that, I'd expect some sort of an apology and even a voucher or something for what we were put through, even if only a nominal amount!


Great way to get your garden products

The selection is very good, and the quality (so far - we'll see how long things last!) overall is good. Customer service is excellent.
I had a problem with one of the products which I typed into a product review (I love websites with reviews of their products). I had no intention of complaining. The next thing I knew, I received an email from Greenfingers asking me what was wrong and if they could help. I told them, but just said it was a quality issue I could resolve myself. In the end, they gave me a partial discount in exchange for repairing the item myself. (Warning - table covers as of Apr 2012 have weak strings which snap off easily!)

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