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giffgaff experience

Had hoped to write a good review on these guys, but sadly I simply can't as since popping their sim card into my Blackberry Bold 9000 I've been plagued with probs, its all started quite well and if the review were on costs alone then they would have got 5 stars, however the SIM has never worked properly, first it started showing USIM Registration failed intermittently, then started to show all incoming calls as 'unknown callers' even know they were friends in my phone book, problem is a user can't call Giffgaff to voice the issue, so it was onto support, were after some time i was asked to do a 'soft reset' i.e remove battery and sim and turn back on...no coconut..same result!!!...so back onto support to request a new sim...after 10 days it had'nt arrive, so again back to support to be told sorry we will send another...8 days in.i'm still waiting...so time will tell!!!!...so yeah they may be cheap, but sadly my experience thus far aint been too hot!!

Cheers, Willy


Recent purchase from Supplementwarehouse.com

Hi,Just wanted to say the I had a good shopping experience with these guys, bought some Udos Oil, it was the cheapest that I found anywhere on line (approx £3.99 less than my local high st retailer!) and It also came with a free protein shake sachet, which would probably be another £3 or so, and also a free shaker cup, so was well pleased, items arrived quickly and I certainly would use em again, so would recommend!! :)

Cheers, Willy.

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