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Awful Service

My mother made a purchase in her name and details, she doesn't speak english I was next to her to translate while I was on the phone to them, they needed some verifying the info (and all we were asking is when will the order arrive) they asked to speak to her and she didnt understand a thing, then they refused to give me the date when the order arriveds based of my mother not understanding him to verify the address.

They then said I was to write a letter to them with my mother giving me permission to speak on her behalf.


I had to say her ear what to say back to him on loud speaker, the operator was not helpful AT ALL. (Shaun carmody) Not a professional at all.

In the end after verifying the details, he then told me the date due, AWFUL.

When I was with O2 or any other major network, I was detail with more intense info on my mothers behalf and they were very helpful.

Still waiting for the order, due this friday, I hope is not as awful as their service.

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