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6 stars

I heart Zappos to the moon. Every time I order from them I am blown away by their return policy. Of course, I end up buying way too many shoes from them, but hey, it's a win-win.


Three stars for Three stars

I used to love Yelp, but somehow I can't trust their reviews anymore. Plus, it's like the Netflix recommendations -- after awhile, everything gets watered down to 3 stars and its impossible to find any standout places to eat. I will continue to use them I guess.


Beautiful easy photo books

My sister, the Instagram fanatic turned me onto this site. She sent me a book of her pics as a Christmas gift. Super high-quality printing so I decided to try one myself. It could seriously not have been any easier to make a book - it took about 10 minutes. They don't have any coupons, but they only charged something like $30 for a 30 page book which is cheaper than most. I'm going to order my calendars from them this year, definitely.


Always a great resource, but read carefully

When I travel, I like to check a lot of sites for background info. TripAdvisor is great and often has a lot of information on places that other sites have scant copy. But I find I have to read between the lines on a lot of reviews and basically disregard the star information, and instead just go on the content of the review. People are really subjective in their opinions and maybe more so with lodging and food than anything else (ok maybe movies and music are more).


Go to place for movie info

How many bar bets have I settled (or just avoided) by having the IMDB app on my iPhone? Gazillions... It's awesome.

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Please catch up to 21st century

If I'm paying with PayPal through another site (eBay or something) it's easy enough, but whenever I go to the PayPal site to check my account it is soooooo dog slow and difficult to get around. A site that has been around this long should be much faster IMO


Prime is the way to go

I upgraded to Prime a while back and love the quick shipping. More importantly, when a package was stolen off my front porch, they shipped a replacement no questions asked *next day* air for no extra charge. You can't beat that.

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