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rubbish range and rubbish service (unless you like being ignored)

I'm actually just going to copy my email to them:

My email below was never answered. I left it as it was because I have too much in my life to chase after (again and again). I have since streamed one film for the kids, but once we were into the package and looked at what was available to stream the selection is lousy. The '1000's' quoted are mainly made up of series not films, whatever genre you look at. It wasn't possible to see this before using the service. Today I thought I'd have another attempt and wanted to watch star wars with the kids - thinking that's so old surely it's available to stream. IT doesn't seem to be. Maybes it's me not using it right, but there's no way to search just the streamed films is there? the only option therefore is to put star wars into the search box at top right of main screen. Lots of ones to rent come up and searching through all of these there's none to stream. Going through the genre option under the instant option doesn't allow you to search but can filter by most popular - again me thinking star wars will turn up under here, but what is most popular a series calles space 1999 made in the 70's!!!!

Please, please just cancel now. Let me know when the current payment runs to and I'll try and find something worth watching. If you had bothered to answer my last email I might have gone back to renting DVD's as compared to Instant it was amazing. But I'll not be doing that because I don't like being ignored.

I wish I had read more of the poor reviews of Instant before I agreed to it.

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did not deliver at time organised

took complete day off work to receive fridge. Informed near the end of the day of waiting in that the van was broken down and fridge would not be delivered. AS I could not be available for such a huge time slot for the rest of the month I suggested that surely I could be given a priority 4 hour delivery slot for a chosen day. Apparently not. They chose to attempt delivery the next day (a wednesday) when nobody was going to be avialable. Had to wait till weekend, and husband stayed at home for 6 hours waiting, ruining plans for weekend. Didn't seem to have any choice.

Could have understood van breaking down, but then we really should have been given free choice of a small delivery window.

oh, and handles seem damaged on fridge.

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