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Breach of T&C's

My order was cancelled because of a pricing error, it states in their Terms & Conditions that they'll give you the choice of cancelling or paying the correct price. No choice was given. The reason for this, I was told, was that they no longer had it in stock. It was removed from the Zavvi website, yet they were selling it on as ZavviOutlet? Different suppliers, I was told. A fix to avoid breaching Terms & Conditions, I assumed.

It took a dozen or so messages to get all this out of them. Very unsatisfactory. Again.

Update: Since posting this review they offered me an additional £10 credit if I'd amend my review. When I suggested this sounded like a bribe, I was assured it was not and that it did not depend on me amending my review. I have given them an extra star, because they weren't rude. Just inefficient. Also, they've not said "we have not breached our Terms & Conditions, because XYZ...", perhaps because they HAVE breached their Terms & Conditions?

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Good prices, fast delivery.

Good prices, fast delivery sums it up. I've had no problems.

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