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Paddy Power

Will find any excuse not to payout!

Opened new account, depositing £30 and not opting for the bonuses.
Decided to take my chances at £2 a spin and after 4-5 spins hit the bonus round which seemed endless with game after game.

Bonus ended totalling out at around £280 in winnings. A nice win for £30 deposit huh.
After cashing out, was expecting the money in my bank a few days later. However, the following day I tried logging into the account to check that they had actually completed the withdrawl, only to be greeted with an incorrect details error. Resetting my password advised my account was suspended, gave an error code and advised me to contact customer support.

Live chat, initially advised that my account was suspended due to an identification issue. When quizzed on this, they at first stated that they couldnt verify my identity so suspended the account. I took the email address down and sent a copy of my passport / driving licence and a utility bill for good measure.

2 hours later, contacted live chat again to check the status as the account was still suspended. This time to be told that my account was permanently suspended due to a self exclusion.... when quizzed on this, they claimed that I had personally called their customer support lines and self excluded.... and wait for it ..... I had told them that I didnt want the winnings crediting to my bank, so I forfeit them.

Obviously I was livid, I threatened court action and the works, agent said they would raise to a manager who would call me back within 48 hours. The next day having logged into my online banking; I was quite surprised to see that PP had refunded the £30 originally deposited back to my card. Live chat now simply respond that as the account is self excluded they cant discuss any further detail.

So, to sum up, PP will allow you to fund your account, but the minute that you exceed their RTP (return to player) average by a considerable amount; they will make any excuse not to pay out.

Stay away!



Bought a GW2 CD Key from them September 2012 for £60~. Having not played for several months, I tried logging back into the account last night to discover that my account has been suspended.

So, having contacted NCSoft, they advise that OffGamers reported the CDKey as stolen (?!) and as such my serial code was suspended, all characters lost and account terminated permanently. Have spoken to OffGamers who are adamant that there was a chargeback initiated from Paypal (even though payment was made direct from debit card - NOT through paypal). I've shown them proof that there has been no reversal and their records are incorrect; their response, that I am wrong. I suspect they're short on profits and are now suspending legit keys to recycle them.

SO, OffGamers have taken my money and suspended my CDKey for no valid reason.


City Link

ZERO STARS! Ninja drivers???

Ordered goods Friday morning, paying extra with seller for Saturday AM delivery. Saturday morning came and was a beautiful day, sat out in the yard from ~07:30am with coffee and nice book (we have no rear access to the house without passing the front yard).

Received email on Iphone at 09:30am (ish) stating change to my order, delivery was delayed as courier unable to deliver. Apparently the driver had somehow managed to sneak past me while i was reading my book, while all the time staying perfectly silent and evading the gaze of my dog, before knocking on our door (so silently that I couldnt hear it from 10 feet away) and leaving an 'invisible' card stating delivery had been attempted.

Well needless to say there was never any delivery attempt, no phone call from a driver, no card left....just nothing but a dishonest delivery driver who simply couldnt be bothered to make any attempt and fulfilling his job.... sorry guys, but I call that gross misconduct. And can you really trust a company who employs neglectful drivers to perform deliveries for you?

You really think a driver who is so willing to lie and tell his bosses he tried to delivery when he didnt would be able to resist the temptation of that £500 Ipad you're having delivered? You really think he won't conveniently "lose" your £1000 LCD tv you're waiting for?

My advice, I have used City-Link multiple times, all with the same outcome. They are dishonest, shady and care not for customer service. They will take your money and make no extra effort for delivery, use and alternate courier. There are far superior ones out there, and if you are forced through City-Link for whatever reason. Choose the lowest costing option and expect delivery 'sometime within the next two weeks'.

Pathetic and useless, and if you work for city-link, thinking you can reply to this message with a "warm comforting message apologising for mistakes" it, i've heard it all before and unless you make the changes necessary to ensure it doesnt happen again - its all empty words.

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