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Awful Service!

I purchased a Corsair H100 from YoYoTech and after a week or so the pump started to make a loud noise. This problem is a well known problem. I recorded a video footage of the problem on my phone and took this to the store and showed one "tech" guys. They said that it sounded like air bubbles had caused this problem and advised me to bring the unit and replace it. I went home on the same day and brought it back in. I was served by another guy, who said that this pump noise was normal and that he had one of these units in his PC and that is how it performed. I told him that i wasnt happy with this and i asked if i could RMA it through them. He said it would be a waste of time because, if they don't see a fault, then Corsair won't see the fault. He then said that it will INEVITABLE be returned back to me with additional cost. I therefore decided to RMA directly through Corsair. After a couple of days they accepted that it was a problem and I sent the unit to be tested and again, they accepted it was faulty and sent me a replacement.

Such appauling service from YoYoTech. It's pretty obvious that they have hired staff that don't exactly know what they are on about.

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