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Reliable service

I receive parcels from many delivery companies, DPD are the only one who offer delivery alternatives and then give a 1 hour delivery slot, which todate has always been kept by DPD.

This may be due to the supplier's arrangement with the delivery companies rather than the products the delivery companies offer them.

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22 June 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Geoffrey,
Thanks for getting in touch - I'm glad you like the service :)
We offer one hour delivery windows (Predict) to all customers, and this is a free of charge service.
We also now offer a service called Predict Collections - meaning that we give one hour delivery windows for when we collect parcels from customers.
Kind regards,


Good price and good service

I've used Viovet for quite some time now as one of 3 or 4 suppliers for cat food, treats, litter and medication etc.

Viovet are always priced competively, the goods are well packed and arrive in good condition.

I find that Viovet are not the fastest to deliver, they don't offer delivery date alternatives and their carrier only deliver Monday to Friday and you have to be present to receive deliveries anytime from 07:30 to 17:50 unless you're prepared to have the goods left on your doorstep.

What would encourage me to shop more with Viovet would be a delivery company, like DPD, who arrange delivery by text and email offering a choice of delivery days and also provide you with a 1 hour slot. DPD have so far always kept their promise. This gives me time to get home to receive the package. The suppliers who use DPD also offer free delivery.

That said, it doesn't stop Viovet receiving 5 stars providing you're happy with their delivery method.

John Lewis

A great company who are usually beaten on price

John Lewis is a great company and a good place to shop, the store in Leicester is superb. The staff are helpful and friendly to a man (and woman). The store is clean, well-lit and feels very safe. The choice of goods, common and unusual is excellent.

The only down-side is that they are quite expensive, but for such wonderful service it is probably worth paying a few pounds extra. You feel that should you have a problem, there would be no quibbling by them.

I would always try to buy from their Leicester store first and only somewhere else if the item wasn't available or was just too high compared with their competionion. Leicester has a wonderful shopping centre for anyone wishing to try a John Lewis store with lots of high quality stores nearby and lots of eating and drinking choices.


I flew with them once, that was enough

To be fair, it's been some time since my one and only flight (well 2 really, I did the retturn journey as well) wih Easyjet.

I found the ground staff and the air crew unnecessarily rude, just because the price was cheap, the service should be the best it can be.

The fight for seats brought out the aninal in fellow passengers.

I can't envisage any circumstance when I could be persuaded to fly with Easyjet again. In all fairness, it's hard to thread a sheet of paper between them and Ryanair now.


No longer my first choice

Some years ago, I used Ryanair numerous times a year. Then I felt they became greedy, maybe the airline business just got more competitive.

I found they were no longer the least expensive option and that the time and effort needed to book online to avoid 'add-ons' just became not worth it.

I found that for just a few pounds more I could get a better experience, not only whilst booking, but during the flight as well. I just won't fight for seats at any cost.

It has been a couple of years now since I last flew Ryanair, but I often see Michael O'Leary on TV which does nothing to want me to try them again in the short time.


I always try to use Paypal online

I have used Paypal for many years now, touch-wood, I've had no problems at all with them. I feel safer paying by Paypal as my personal deatails aren't shared with the trader.

Given the choice of 2 equal traders, I would always use the one where Paypal was available


No longer my first choice grocery store.

Until recently, I did all my grocery shopping at Tesco. I also often bought online and bought my petrol from a Tesco filling station.

I tend to shop mainly at one medium size branch, at a nearby large store for unusual items or electronics / household goods and at a smaller store in my home town when just a few things were needed.

Over a period of time, I noticed Tesco were 'taking their eye off the ball', queues at check out were allowed to lengthen, staff attitude had worsened etc. So I increasingly shopped at their competitors.

The killer blow for me came when Tesco allowed my personal details to be stolen online along with my Club Card points. This can happen anywhere, but I felt that Tesco appeared to be aware that this could happen and did nothing to prevent it. Also while dealing with them to resolve the problem they tried to shift the blame away from Tesco at any cost.

I found dealing with their Customer Services management tiring as they just don't care enough to make sure the issue has been resolved.

Be caution about sharing your personal data with them.


A dreadful delivery company

After several dreadful experiences with Yodel I now always make sure my supplier doesn't use them, before I place an order.

I found them to be totally disorganised and unreliable.


Great choice and free postage

Amazon is always my starting point for electronics and photo. They have a great choice and no matter how small the order, it's usually post free.

The down side of Amazon is that you don't always see at a glance whether the goods are sold by Amazon or some unknown Marketplace trader. My experience of Markerplace traders is mixed, some great others are terrible, so I tend to steer clear of them.

Goods always arrive quickly and in perfect condition, Amazon always keep you well informed about delivery. I still shop around for the best price.

Goods arrived quickly at a competitive price.

This is not the first time I've sourced cat products from Petmeds, the products I buy from them are supplied at a competitive price and they are delivered quickly and postage free. I have no problems with Petmeds at all.

However, I don't use Petmeds exclusively as other products I buy regularly aren't offered as competitively priced as some other suppliers. I therefore shop around to find the best prices among a small number of trusted suppliers. I typically use four different suppliers online plus a small amount of supplies from two local stores. Chicken supplies, bird seed, straw and saw dust are examples of products always bought locally, if they have good offers at the time on the products normally bought online, I tend to also buy them while I'm in store.

I would happily buy from just one source if it were possible.

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