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The BBC is an integral part of the UK.....

It is vital that we fight off any attempts in the future to diminish the BBC. It is a great organisation that has given us independent news, great programmes to watch and to listen to and one of the most fantastic websites in the Web Wide World (yes - that was deliberate for a bit of fun and to see if you are still awake...).

It is the envy of the World and - you can watch programmes with no commercial breaks - Hooray!!!! (Make your cup of tea in advance....or use your recorder....)

Glasses Direct

The eyes have it.......

Simply great - I've been waiting years for this to happen. I have felt that folk were being ripped off to pay for subscription glasses for years now and it is so refreshing that Glasses Direct have made good glasses more affordable - just in time for the recession.

The easy to use website allows you to enter your prescription, enter extra factors and also to enter frame metrics as well, all helping to guarantee you get a pair of glasses that are suitably tailored for you.

Well done Glasses Direct - I raise my glasses to you.....

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David Lee
Male, 1945
United Kingdom


I was a high flyer in my first job - I ended up as a flight navigator in the RAF on Hercules (C-130) aircraft, flying all over the World.

I then became a lecturer in a college in North London, teaching Maths, Physics, Statistics and Compuiter Studies to a wide variety of folks across the age and ability spectrum.

I subsequently worked for many years in several commercial companies including the defence, communications and finance sectors as a technical trainer, always teaching software-related subjects to clients that were based both in the UK and internationally.

I am now retired but willing to swing into action if asked to do so. At the moment, I am one of four voluntary elected directors (Treasurer in fact) that manage the block of 21 flats where I live in Enfield, North London. We do the lot - calculate, present and collect Service Charges and organise and monitor all other work that goes on in and around the flats, which also includes all the Admin and setting up of the AGM, with associated paperwork.