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By far THE worst online retail experience of my entire life

After three attempts on different platforms and a phone call to 'customer services' (the footlocker website is unable to orders on any other browser than Internet Explorer...) I placed an order at 1:50pm and called up at 2pm to cancel as I had called a footlocker store to find they had the shoes I wanted, which they did - great. Unbelievably, the guy I spoke to told me he couldn't cancel my order and the only thing I could do was to refuse delivery... bare in mind that items are shipped from the Netherlands! I asked him how it was feasible that a customer service team CANNOT CANCEL AN ORDER PLACED 10 MINUTES AGO, he replied with 'we have no contact with the warehouse'. Literally, the most unprofessional thing I have ever heard with any purchase made online, never mind one from an internationally renown company. I then cancelled the order on the website and sent a cancellation request to the customer service team email address provided in my order confirmation. I had no response. Today, I came home from work to find a package OUTSIDE of my house. Yes - it was the Footlocker order. I didn't even have the chance to refuse delivery as UPS just dumped it outside! I immediately called up 'customer services' again demanding they collect the items and refund me in full to which I received the response - 'The email address provided in your order confirmation is incorrect [Unbelievable and... no apology!]. Just open the package and take out the UPS return label, call UPS to arrange a collection and when we get it back WE WILL SEE IF YOU GET YOUR POSTAGE REFUNDED'. Needless to say I was not going to send it back and just 'see' if I get my international postage costs refunded. He is now consulting the hierarchy to see if I can get the costs refunded and I am in the position where I am stuck with a £65 order I don't want (after actually buying the shoes in-store a couple of days ago) and have no way of returning the goods without incurring costs I'm not liable to incur.

Seriously, don't even go there with this company. I work for an online mail-order company and don't really leave reviews but... Footlockers bewildering lack of professionalism is completely unfathomable on every level.


UPS created a few problems...

Ordered some sunglasses after finding a great deal on Groupon (props to that guys) on a Sunday night. The order processing took a little longer than expected which is fair as the deal must be very popular. My main problem with my order was that in UPS.

1. They delivered my order to an entirely random address where I don't live.
2. They promised to collect the mis-routed parcel and delivery to the correct address on the same day... and didn't.
3. They finally delivered my parcel, but to a neighbour without leaving a card at my address!

And this was all in the middle of the Queen's jubilee weekend so my sunglasses will have been floating around some UPS van/picking centre for almost a week. Not good... but hey, that's not Sunglasses shop's fault.

Also, the instant message chat help service isn't working too well. I was passed around 3 separate operators and ended up giving up and calling to get help when tracking incorrectly delivered order.

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