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£20 in every £100 in fees

Ebay is fine when the sun shines, but when it rains they will take your umbrella off you. The fees are way to high for a company that uses just a computer, no warehouse, no, or little advertising, compared to its turn over not many staff. I read recently that ebay dealt with more than £100, 000,000 in a twenty four hour period. Thats £20,000,000 in fees, in one day. Just to clarify the point I include ebay and Paypal as one, the same company but different, yea! Try and complain and you will find little or no customer service just a parrot that repeats prepared text.
Time for some one else to take their crown and treat the people that make ebay what it is with some dignity and courtecy.

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Shopfitting Warehouse

Chrome tubes, Gold standard

Shopfitting Warehouse was a name that I was not familiar with until I took the time to track down suppliers. We all take a risk buying online, so it is important that we are treated well, that the product is up to standard, and that we are treated as consumers should be, politely, courteously, and that the product arrives promptly is also another must. SF ticked all the boxes. Their service was superb, prompt, and at a reasonable price. Don't hesitate, trust them, I do, and I will in the future.

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