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Do not touch with a barge pole ...

A My Hermes courrier arrived one evening we were out, pushed a card into our front door keyhole - no information entered onto the form - no tel no, no redeliver date, no contact details - so we couldn't follow up the missed delivery. The next evening he tries again - we're in - great! - take parcel and thank him, then point out problems with his "contact card" and that he'd been lucky to find us in... Courrier starts to swear at me, he gets aggressive verbally, so I simply shut the door on him to avoid further confrontation.

He then proceeds to bang on our front door, shouting, demanding we sign as proof of delivery but given the aggression I deem it wise not to open door again. So he starts to ring doorbell continuously, swear profusely through the door - by now my 3 young children are downstairs listening in the hall in shock at words they have never heard before... Then he starts to kick at the front door! The whole door shakes! We listen in horror. I make for the pc to google the company and send an urgent email to the company requesting help (couldnt get through on phone number we finally found on page 1001 of website). Needless to say email ignored... It is another 10 minutes before the kicking and shouting finally stops and he leaves... If it had gone on any longer we'd have had to call the police...

After the shock of this, I email to lodge a complaint. There follows a series of emails during which this complaint is rebuffed and denied and we are told that if we insist on making some kind of complaint then we must "take it up with the police" - at the same time all details of courier concerned, even his name, are refused, and questions as to how they have investigated our complaint ignored. We are then told the courrier's story conflicts with ours (I bet it did!) but they won't let us see it or even tell us what his "story" is. We ask for details of their complaints procedure, a manager we can talk to, even CEO details - they finally concede only the latter after 3 repeated requests (we'd found it on the internet anyway by then) - further questions are ignored repeatedly, as was the question of what, if any, consumer body they belong to - in short these people have completely denied our attempt to complain, refused to investigate or even acknowledge we have cause to complain, claimed there is no proof to support my complaint (despite 3 children and a husband in the house listening in..., and a front door with footprints embedded in the paint...) certainly not sent anyone to inspect the state of our front door - and certainly not apologised or said that the courier has been disciplined.

What an awful company! Then we google My Hermes reviews and see what uniformly bad reviews they get! My opinion? Do not touch them wth a barge pole. What company would allow their staff (directly employed or not) to get away with such behaviour? Staggering!

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failed to deliver twice, still not got the food and cats very hungry!

First delivery attempt whilst on the school run, didnt leave by bins which would have been sensible and no control over timing of delivery making it impossible to avoid this failure. Rebooked delivery for first working day after - confirmed by Pet Meds by email, but never arrived - we chased late afternoon to be told delivery put on hold (why??) - and why didnt they tell us??? now waiting for a third attempt tomorrow when I have to be at work, and had to rush out to buy cat food as cats (4) very hungry! not at all impressed...

Order ref 915415

12 June 2012

Reply from Petmeds Ltd

Hi Sophie,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused during delivery. Could you provide me with your order number so I can investigate with the courier?

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