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Royal Mail

Ignorant, Slow and uncaring

Unfortunately, Royal Mail is the only service available.
I run my own business where I send around 15 packs a wekk and I can guarantee that will have to make at least 3 claims, thats weekly! I use brand new padded envelopes and reasons to make the claim range from items not arriving, damaged and/or opened.
I receive around 20 packages per week, most from Royal Mail and around 50% of these have been damaged to some degree. The damage ranges from being forced through my letter box being either folded in half or forced through ripping the padded envelope. I have even received packages that have tyre marks on them as well as the occasional footprint. My current postie stands on my mail if it is windy and I need to sign for something hence the footprints or puts them between her teeth. If they are between her teeth I sometimes end up with a strip of spit too and despite mentioning this and reporting her nothing is done. The worst case with present postie was that she lost an item valued at £90 because it was windy and her excuse was that it must have blown away in the wind! The item weighted close to 500g!
I can post a parcel second class and it arrives the next day and then again it could take 2 weeks and no one cares to explain why the difference when it is both mainland UK deliveries.
If there was a reasonably priced alternative then I would ditch RM but of course they will still deliver (and I use that word very loosely).
What bugs me as well, is I live in a well built up area and there are 6 posties and 3 vans all covering an area where 2 years ago there was one postie and one van. I thought that RM had less mail due to email but it looks as though they have had a 110 fold increase so why the laying off of staff and closures of hundreds of Post Offices?
Royal Mail I pray for your demise daily!

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Quick and Easy!

I have been using Pharmacy2U for a few years and have never had a problem. Ordering your repeats prescription is easy whether it is done online or by phone as my parents do and orders are general received within 2 working days and saves you having to wait for the Doctors surgery to open and then again for the chemists and further you don't have to queue and wait for your medication.
Pharmacy2U HAS to be the easiest, quickest and most trouble free way to get your medications from a very polite and understanding staff. It seems to good to be true!

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