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Total run job

Used to be When hotornot became Badoo I went from having great exchanges with real people to a very sharp contrast of literally literally NO ONE
Literally my rating was 9.7 to 9.8 badoo managed to erase my hotornot rating and set it to their standard 5 star system. Once that occurred, my rating was 2.1. On hotornot I could engage just about any girl I that I wanted to and she would reply back in chat. Real discussions I can literally click on ANY person and send them a message
Not only they don't reply. Nobody even reads the messages. But to be sure of that I lowered my standards to EVERY UGLY BETTY on the f* site
Message to UglyB: Stunning. Lets meet! : user has not read this message
Even at that I configured my account so that it even showed when I clicked on a profile. And I just started hitting every other random thugged out plus sized mom of 20: STILL NO PROFILE VISITS - NO one Trys to meet, or even visits. Maybe it's a problem with my profile?
I set up a new one - same sh__

One of the TRICKS they will pull on you : When you attempt to login they will redirect you to a page where it LOOKS LIKE A LOGIN
Instead it's a place to enter your own email address and password for YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT
That way they can download your contacts and then email every other person you've contacted with a request to join you on a dating page.

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