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Good service, great products and nice tasting. Abit more expensive then other shops, but better quality.

National Lottery

money stealing

Ok I deposit £10.00 I spend it all and win £2.80 on the euro millions, however I have to spend the money as I can't remove that much. I can only spend £2.00 so I'm stuck with 80p so hey guess what I go to deposit more money to make it a round figure. Yeah think I will stick to going my local shop. Your just pushing people to spend more!


timeline needs to go!

Ok so I use to love Facebook but why did you put timeline on. It's rubbish. Remove it and I will give you a rateing of 4. Remove timeline and stop the stupid game requests and I will give you a 5.

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crap customer care

Ok so I brought a camcorder and once charged I went to use it and it was broke within a day! I took it back and even though the product was only 24hours old they refused to replace because it was open. Wtf! After 1.5hours of arguing they sent it for repair. One month later its back. A month of my warranty gone. I go home and low and behold its still broke! Again I take it back and again after an argument of over an hour they send it for repair. And guess what another month gone. I get it home and use it. I lost 2months of my warranty got no compensation, missed my last Christmas with my grandad that I really wanted to get on video. For after 1year it brakes again.I gave up! The company that make the product would only repair it if I paid and the store comet I got it from say its out of warranty. I vowed never to go back! I chucked the camera in the bin. I spent over £500.00 on a piece of crap. Funny thing while this happened to me, my autie and friend was having the same problem with tv's they brought from there. Warning stay clear!

Kwik Fit

ward end kwil fit rules

Great customer service! Lovely staff! I'm a women so going into a garage i feel I am an easy Target to get ripped off, but here they just couldn't do enough for me and at a low price, thank you! Served by a gentleman called Matthew


would be a 5 however yodel have to go

Argos I love you think your great, however I can only give a 1 star until you stop using yodel.4 times out of 4 this company have delivered broken goods to me, however when you deliver it comes in one piece! Get rid of yodel and I will give you a 5 out of 5.


i cant even give them a star

Worse company ever! 4 times out of 4 they have delivered my goods broken! Now I have to go collect the stuff myself, because there incompatible to deliver something in one piece. It's not even fragile its bloody bedroom furniture! Argos stop using this company, there giving you a bad name! so angry! I'm pregnant and the last thing I need is to be picking up bedroom furniture and doing your bloody job for you!

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