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Information at your fingertips

Although the information can be changed by anyone, when you are looking for a basic amount of info on a certain topic, Wikipedia is amazing!

Also, very very very handy when looking up information about films. Thank you wikipedia!


I Love Facebook

Facebook is a very valuable asset to have in my life. Instead of texting people to contact them I can simply drop them a comment or mail and as all young people nowadays seem to check their Facebook on an almost daily basis, whoever I am attempting to contact will see said message briskly!

The video-calling feature is also very useful. Being able to contact my friends across the world from the comfort of my home is amazing!


Youtube has a video for every day of the year, for every feeling

Youtube is simply magic! You never know what kinda of video you might stumble upon...

From movie trailers, to make-up tutorials, to singing cats... The spectrum of possibilities is endless!

Thank you youtube!!!!

Lovely clothes at reasonable prices

I love the clothes in BooHoo... the sizes are usually perfect and I want to wear straight away. Sometimes however having larger breasts is a disadvantage as the fabric often does not have enough give to fit.

The delivery service is reliable and pain free. Only 2- 3 days to receive my order, always.

I would definitely recommend this website to a friend. Selling high-street fashion at affordable prices is always something worth recommending! It also sells high-street styled pieces but they are sometimes presented in a new and more exciting way!

I love

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