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the worst service of all time ..

actually service they providing is very poor..also broadband and home line is slow and if you want to complaint to customer service firstly to take you forever reach the right agent and let you wait 1hour+ on the phone paying from your own pocket. actually had to phone them 3+times before they send me a technician to come check my home line... also they promised me some broadband speed but they supplied me with 2.5mbps which was slower than my mobile phone internet from 3.. when Im complaint and threatened to cancel my contract and go to another provider they give me a best offer ever to keeping me in with refreshing my contract but also try to charge my sky high fee for cancellation when I am had been forced to stay with them for next year. but it was not finish my story after 1month they themselves were cancelled my special customer offer and set up new direct debit for £64 a month which was more than I am paid in my first year of contract 5 years on end of all this I managed to reduce my cost but take me ages to do it almost 6months and cost me fortune on phone calls and mistakes they made with no any I can not wait to change for different telephone and broadband provider with better service...people don't go with BT there are lots of different companies with better deals and prices...I trust the BT because the name and such the size of company but they disappointed me on the full line....

top seller A*****

good quality glasses... I highly recommend..fair prices and good delivery also with first purchase 10% of the price...

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