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I cant believe the quality for such a low price.

i saw this dress online and and thought wow. its even better in reality and you would think i payed a fortune for it. realy pleased with how quickly it arrived seeing you soon boohoo.


cheap as chips

asda is cheap but there electricals have proved to be to cheap with me my daughter got an electric shock of a faulty travel hairdryer and even the woman at farnworth customer services said what do you expect its cheap. the grocerise are cheap but i have found they label some things for a pound when it was cheaper before and everywhere else. apart from minor gripes a great store just stay away from electricals haha


all in one place

google is my prefered search engine i like the settings and how it functions. chrome there browser is fast and to has some geat functions. i like how you can sign in to all accounts at once .


wife and daughters love it

although i dont like there clothes my wife and eldest daughter realy love this place. supose the way women go through clothes it makes for a bargain but i find there clothes cheap and they dont size or hang well. i might just be a funny shape but the rating is from my wife and daughter not me.


genius fakery fun

beware can cause trouble you may get stalked you can pretend to be rockefella when your a skank but its all good fun. seriously a genius of a communicaton tool when used properly and safely with adictive superb games for when you dont want to talk-text-chat-pm or whatever.


dont take people seriously

i have made complaints to tesco about various isues they used to be good but think they just bin them. i will still shop with them as they offer some grest deals just dont like being ignored.



deals with 99% of my online transactions worry free feel safe. i always trust sites if they accept payment with paypal they got your back.


the mother of all

love ebay me bargains and fun with last minute bidding great experiences buying on there would always look there first

T Mobile

only intrested in pound signs

been with tmobile for ages wanted to upgrade my wifes contract and it caused nothing but hassle. the bloke told me everything i wanted hear and that there be no hassle or extra cost. turns out all he did was add another line so instead of just me and my wife i had 3 lines all active. sales is freephone and customer services 0845 and you can understand sales but customer service are foreign and you dont know if they acctualy understand you. a realy poor experience loyalty is deffinately not rewarded with tmobile should of gone to carphone wharehouse always had a good experience buying or doing business with them.



love amazon me

Click for games

best price anywhere in U.K.

searched the usuual suspects for SIMS 3 best price new and then did a web search. i found and they came in £10 cheaper than tescoentertainment and even beet amazon and ebay apart from if i wanted it sent from india haha. i love a bargain and couldnt believe people were paying this price for it second hand on ebay. the postage was free and arrived super quick. 10/10 for

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