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Perfect service

I ordered on Chemist-4-u following an offer on Grupon, an excellent offer if I might say. Saved over £100 on allergy medication (I've got an all-year round very active rinitis) and all was a smooth process and everything arrived on time and in excellent conditions. Very pleased, will certainly use again.



Excellent for groceries shopping and ideas on special ocasions.


Very good

In this website you can buy, read reviews, find reading suggestions, ebooks and all the new good stuff coming out in the shelves.


Need a place?

I've used it often to keep track on housing prices as opportunities in my area and this is my favourite website to use for the purpose. Just don't send a message when you need something quick, call directly.



Haven't used that often but enjoyed when I used it. Very easy to find stuff and use services.



I quite like ebay, you can find absolutly everything in this place! The only trouble is the people who sometimes use it and that, unfortunatly, for as much as ebay can help, can never protect from everything.


5* Love it

Only website I rely on to buy my tickets!


Best ever

Wether you want to check a new movie or find that long lost tv series you used to love, this is the website to look for it! Simply amazing.


It was never easier to fly

Quite good website, never had a problem before and I'm a frequent user. Very easy to book and access your bookings, make changes, etc. They're quite good emailing or textingyou as well about any changes.


Luv to order my pizza online!

I've been using Domino's website for home delivery for a while and it's very easy to use, can pay with paypal which I think is a bonus, don't need to get the card out every single time. Online ordering has the advantage of saving preferences and details, saves a lot of fussing around. Plus all your choices are in front of you!



I've used it a few times, for home delivery and store collection. Easy to use and understand, detailed descriptions and easy access deals/ sales.



Very good for online grocery shopping, never failed me!


Spread your wings...

Ryanair is a low cost friendly company. Love to fly with them and always use the website to book flights. Never disappointing.


Gotta love it

I'm a facebook addicted as it helps me keep in touch with so many people back in my home country. As far as I'm concerned, best social website I've ever tried.


Always reliable

Best search website ever


Thumbs up!

So far so good, that's what I can say. Never before had a problem. From buying on websites to pay a friend or order a pizza, Paypal is your thing!


Always awesome!

Amazon is the best place to buy books (as it is what I use it for more often) and definitly for ebooks. Their kindle is so very good and user friendly and the free ebooks are just so many! Plus never had a problem or disapointment using amazon. Also very good if you want to get rid of some computer games/ videos/ books and get some little cash in return. Highly recommend.

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