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Next Day Delivery? Five Days Later...

I spent over £70 and was pleased to see I qualified for next day delivery as I had almost run out of whey protein powder. The delivery company sent me an email the next day to say my package had been delivered. That was news to me! No card through the door, no package.

I checked with the neighbours either side and they didn't have it. Called BulkPowders and she checked the system -- the signature given was apparently incomprehensible. I was told they would email it to me in case I recognised it. I didn't received an email.

I called again the next day and explained the situation all over again. They called the delivery company for me and said the driver had left early so they couldn't speak with him and they'd try again on Monday morning.

Not good enough! I'm left having spent £70 with nothing to show for it.

The delivery company (DPD) messed up, but, in my opinion, BulkPowders should have offered to send me a smaller amount of the product to tide me over while they looked into the situation. They haven't even offered a discount code or anything.

12 November 2012

Reply from Bulkpowders

Dear Martin

Thank you for your comments.
We are pleased that we managed to resolve this issue for you within 48 working hours of you first reporting the issue to us. We apologise that DPD mis-delivered your parcel and for any upset that this has caused you. We are aware that you have received your copy of the signature obtained at the time of delivery and DPD have asked us to pass their apologies to you for the inconvenience that this has caused you. We have strict procedures in place for situations such as this and are pleased that they have resulted in you receiving your goods in less that 48 hours after you reported the issue to us.


Easy to use with top quality results

Picmonkey is a delightfully simple way to edit and enhance your pictures. I use it to help me design the front cover for my novel.

The categories of effects and tools allow you to add text, crop, change colouring, add borders, etc.

The only thing that prevented me from giving it a 5 star rating is the fact that their previous incarnation, Picnic, which was associated with google, had more options.


An easy to use, professional service.

Having just created the paperback edition of my novel using CreateSpace, I can say that it was an enjoyable experience.

Here are some of the impressive features:

* Intuitive step-by-step guide -- you never feel lost along the way.

* Good cover creation tool.

* Quick and top-quality customer service.

* Lightening fast production and dispatch of proof copy.

* Extremely easy way to sell your book through, and the European sites.

* All of this is free (except for the very reasonable price of the proof copy)

* There is the option to pay for other, more advanced services, such as professional cover design, copy editing, advanced marketing campaigns, etc


Beautiful Community of Like-Minded People

I'll keep it brief and to the point.

Goodreads is home to, amongst other things: (a) a huge array of groups to suit your particular reading interests, (b) a great way of looking up books and reading reviews., (c) a nice way to receive book recommendations, (d) an innovative way to track your reading progress and catalogue your own library,

Discuss your favourite books and authors with like-minded people. Go on, you know you want to!


Excellent Service

When I order from (which is regularly), DPD deliver the packages. I've been really impressed with their service so far. They email to say which day to expect delivery and then, early morning of that day I get an email giving me a one hour time slot. It's always arrived within that hour so far.

The drivers are friendly and helpful.

22 June 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the nice review - I'm glad that you like the service. Have a nice day!


It just works

Once up and running, this is an excellent way to share files between computers. I use it to share between my PC and my iPad. It's not flashy or showy -- it just works well and consistently.


Convenient? Yes. Morally bankrupt? Yes.

Sure Paypal is a convenient service for businesses and individuals wanting to shop online, but their decision to block Wikileaks means that I no longer use my account.

Fortunately there are alternatives out there. Find them and use them. Give Paypal a wide birth unless you wish to contribute to the moral degradation of society.

Have a lovely day.

Good quality; good prices

Good quality protein products at good prices. Whey supplements taste good and delivery is super fast.

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