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Irish Sports Warehouse

Product and price are OK but appalling Customer Service

1) Quote from your website:
" Excellent Customer Service:
.....Our telephone lines will always have a human at the other end, and we aim to answer any correspondence within 24 hours of receipt...."
This was not the case.
On the day I ordered, I called to ask a question. The phone was answered, I asked my question and was immediately hung up on. I tried calling back but the line was busy. My impression was that the person at the other end had no interest in talking to a customer. I went ahead and ordered anyhow.

2) I received an email informing me that the item would be delivered on a specific date. I arranged my work so that I would be home on that day. I waited all day, but there was no delivery. Around 4pm, I started calling the number listed but it was continuously busy. Again, I was left with the impression that you have no interest in engaging with customers. I also emailed both the person that sent the delivery date and to the general "" email address. No response on that day.
On the day AFTER the expected delivery, I received an email saying that delivery would delayed by one day. Too late - that email should have come the day before. I was at work and not able to receive it. Thankfully the courier was helpful and I arranged delivery at a time that suited me. Irish Sports Warehouse communication was not good enough,

3)The email that was sent to me informing me of the delivery date was sent to and CC'd to (I presume) all those people whose orders went out on that day. I could see all the email addresses. This is a breach of Data Protection law and I have informed the data protection commissioner of this breach. I refer you to your own Privacy Policy.

4) NOWHERE on your site did I see any reference to the fact that the product would be self-assembly. Fortunately, I am adept at self-assembly. I believe that leaving out this information gives a false representation of the product..

5) The link to Terms & Conditions below (from this Trustpilot page) does not go to Terms & Conditions. I do not, therefore, agree to any Terms & conditions but I need to tick the ACCEPT box in order to post my review.

I have a product at the only price I can afford and I am glad of that. However, I would not recommend Irish Sports Warehouse to anybody.

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