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very good

I have been using these products for years, the are good quality at a very good price.

After having been pleased with this company I have now had a bad experience and will not use them again.

I have used these people before and not seen the flowers but the people receiving them have said how lovely they are. I ordered 2 lots to be delivered last Wednesday, 1 lot was delivered and the person who received therm was very pleased. I had an email telling me that the others were a failed delivery but the email seemed to be saying that every effort would be made to deliver them. I kept an eye on my emails expecting to receive notification that they had been delivered. It didn't really matter if they were delivered late as they were for Christmas. Thursday lunchtime, having had no more emails, I decided to find out what was happening, that was when my problems started. Emails were answered with a link to the website. I asked them to ring me, as the link didn't work, got another email with the link on! Thurs eve, I managed to use the link but it just gave me the website that told me what I already knew. Earlier I had clicked onto my my account and failed delivery, told me to phone a number, when I did this I got a recorded message saying something like, we no longer provide customer support by phone as it can be dealt with better online!!!! Wrote a bad review on their site which I haven't seen posted although, Being fair to them, I did see some bad reviews posted. Lost count of the amount of emails I sent them and eventually they stopped responding. Friday morning I rang the person who was supposed to receive the flowers, she had been out for part of Wednesday but she had no note or anything through her door, so knew nothing about it. At this point I emailed again and demanded a refund. I got no response to that email. Later that morning, the lady phoned to say that she had received her flowers and was very pleased with them. 2 days later I haven't even had an email to say that they have been delivered. An apology would be good but seems they are not communicating any more!!! Silly thing is, late delivery would not have been a problem in this case but their lack of communication was very stressful especially as I was arranging this delivery on behalf of somebody else. Don't like giving bad reviews but it seems their customer service is just not there when problems arise.


Pleased with service

This was the 1st time I have ordered flowers online, it was easy and the person who received was very pleased. I ordered some more last night, convident that that the flowers sent would meet our requirements

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