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Too expensive

You'd be mad to pay their prices. But they have 80% of domestic phones because most people think it's difficult to change.. Half an hour on the Internet could save them hundreds. Can't understand it . . .


Far, far too expensive and no longer necessary

But they've created a Sports monopoly - the reason why football costs so much. Ban 'em! We choose freeview/Freesat (free with HD) with £5 a month of Lovefilm. Can't understand why people pay Sky £700 a year - more if you want an extra box, HD or anything extra. Rip off. Do without it.


Perfectly dreadful. They don't know what they're doing

Had to close my business account because they don't employ Bankers - just so-called "customer service" staff to whom they pay minimum wages. Don't be fooled by their misleading marketing.


Sport spoils their schedules

They have multiple channels but they won't concentrate S|port onto one of them. Their inflexible attitude will be their downfall.


Bad coverage and inflexible to deal with

I have a 500min (etc) SIM only deal, with them with 12m to go on my little contract. I wanted to upgrade to a Galaxy 3 but they refused my £36pm unless I agreed to pay £96 cancellation! Barmy! I will stay as I am and then migrate to a better coverage company and get the latest phone cheaper there. Madness. Not like a Hutchison company at all. They don't deserve to survive.


Extremely fast on-line delivery

Excellent customer service, knowledgeable in-store staff. Great range.


Brilliant! Easy to join and very good movies. Good value

They need to add to genres - War Films, for instance


Letdown by weird customer service

They should empower their people instead of making them hide-bound by their silly rules, especially pretending to be prevented from helping because of the Data Protection Act. I actually went to see their board to discuss this; waste of time. But still good value especially their TV service (no longer actively sold). I want to buy YouView through them but they're too slow and never ready.


They renege on their contractual prmises!

Unlimited internet became very restricted mid-contract. They (initially) refused to allow the contract to be voided for this reason. I had to go to their holding company's AGM to get the contract cancelled. 02 UK were arrogant and useless.

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Too big and arrogant. Never care for their customers

I don't use them any more. Budget lines are always "sold out" and the comparative products are far too expensive. They're trying to take over every high street. Avoid them like the plague.

When I tried to ban them from sending bumf, their legal team said they couldn't! I persisted and told them that they are not above the law. They've stopped now but I had to threaten to sue them. What a bunch of assholes!


Cheats and scoundrels

Have you read all their T&Cs? More words than Shakespeare's complete works. And they hide costs to the very end on on-line booking. They are thieves (of time) and grubby to deal with. Never again.


Too complex. No-one cares

Far too complicated to deal with; unforgiving and no-one cares

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Too complex to deal with

Over complex and very difficult to deal with. There are more words in their T&Cs than Shakespeare ever wrote! (Count 'em)

Glasses Direct

Very good service let down by the Royal Mail

It was easy to order. Delighted to get a home trial of frames. Sad that these arrived in a box too big for my letter box! It's a real hassle when you get the "Whilst you were out . . ." card. Seriously delayed things (who can get to their sorting office or phone 'em on a premium rate number before 12 noon!). But when I suggested a better way with their MD - he took note and gave a discount. The glasses and lenses are superb. And they came in a form which would go through the letterbox!

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