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They take your money, don’t deliver goods and to top it all off slowww to communicate.

My order was dispatched apparently on the 10th May and as of yet I have had no goods from them or the original money paid to them. I have chosen to be refunded, to be told after numerous emails sent that this would be done shortly, then after requesting as to when this would be done, I was told I had already been refunded. I asked for specific details as to when this was done and they have failed to do so, other than later contradicting themselves by ‘Once again we confirm that your refund has been processed please refer to our Terms & Conditions (Section 13.4)’ , which basically means they have not refunded me.

I checked the tracking number on 9th June with their Mickey Mouse courier ‘YODEL’ which stated the goods had been picked up, spoke to yodel who also told me to take the matter up with the retailer and that the goods seemed to have been signed and picked up from the couriers home, which all sounds dodgy as it is news to me and I am interested as to what YODEL has done with the goods. Also I was told by YODEL that the retailer had not chased this order up at any point and they did not realise there was a problem and told me to tell them to put in a claim.

Stay away from this cowboy operation unless you want a headache dealing with an company that strings you along for over one month and a half and counting without your goods or your hard earned money, Not worth the hassle.

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15 June 2012

Reply from

Dear Mr Gopal,

This review is a completely inaccurate representation of the facts and we have been at a loss for several weeks to understand your behaviour or the motivation behind your actions.

We are sorry that Yodel lost your parcel but we have communicated with you and Yodel at length on the matter. Very occasionally delivery problems do occur but we do try our best to work with our customers and the courier to ensure that problems are resolved quickly. We offered to resend the goods to you and when you declined this offer we processed your cancellation and refund promptly.

- We immediately contacted Yodel when you told us that there was a problem with your delivery AND emailed you to tell you that we had done so.

- We then chased Yodel about this and informed you that they had initiated a trace on your parcel to try and find it. We said to you that we would be in touch just as soon as we had any news.

- We subsequently provided Yodel with descriptions of your parcel and its contents to help them with their search

- After a week we emailed you again to advise you that we did not have any news and that tracing parcels can take a little time

- A few days after that we chased Yodel again and were told that they had not had any luck locating your parcel and advised us that it was most probably lost.

- We then contacted you and asked if you would like us to resend your order or if you would prefer to cancel. You responded by saying that you would like to cancel.

- That was on the 22nd May, 11 days after you first reported the delivery problem to us. Hardly an excessive amount of time particularly when we had been actively working on your behalf to resolve the problem and sent you numerous emails.

- You then asked when you would be refunded and we replied “shortly” and referred to you to our website which provides full details about how and when refunds are processed.

- A week later you emailed us again to find out when you would be refunded and we confirmed that your refund had been processed. Please note this refund was processed some two weeks earlier than when we are obliged to refund.

- Why, as you mention in your review, do you interpret us saying "Once again we confirm that your refund has been processed" as meaning that we have not refunded you?

- Despite the fact that you cancelled your order over 3 weeks ago, you have persisted in emailing us to tell us that you had still not received the goods. Each time we have responded to remind you that you chose to cancel your order. Is there some reason why you still expect to receive the order when you have cancelled it?

- You have also contacted Yodel several times in the past week to find out about your parcel. Again do you still think that you are going to receive it from them despite cancelling your order and it being refunded? If they do ever find the parcel it will be returned to us. If something “dodgy” has gone at Yodel, why are you concerned when you have been compensated in full?

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