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Horrible company, plain and simple

These guys are completely useless in what they claim to help with. I am now horrified at the amount of total disregard this company has for their clients needs and wants! I won't be booking another holiday with them again.

Quick quid

Avoid at all costs

The fee associated with this service is astronomical, their fees are a clear example of how these type of companies take advantage of poor people. compared on the money super market list for companies who will borrow you under £2000, this guys came in last with a HUGE APR, number one came in at 17% over 12 months where they came in at 277%. Do the math, you borrow £500 and you will be looking at repaying close to 100% profit! Nearly 950 you have to pay back over 12 months??? What has this world come to. Loan Sharks have found a way to make their money legal!


poor customer service

not worth the hassle avoid at all costs their 24/7 helpline is not 24/7, I was refused a payment date change with the same month, a change from 8th to the 28th, instead they forced me to block them from my bank account and will now waste their time.


Pathetic Customer Care, False Information to Customers

They say

"Due to a scheduled maintenance window with our banking partner, loan funding will be delayed Sunday September 22 from 00:30 to 17:00 (BST). If you were approved for a loan during these periods and it has not been funded, you can expect to receive funding after the outage."

But in fact I got left waiting for an hour for money that never cleared. Contacted Customer care and they turned round and said, well its been delayed and you will get paid at 21:00....17:00 to 21:00???

Then I said, fine cancel the loan, she said fine I will...5 mins later after holding and she turns round and says, sorry I cant cancel your loan. Hang on...what? You just said you would cancel it Iesha, "sorry but I cant". Yeah right, reel the customer in and then disappoint them.

Just Eat

Just Eat or Just Fraud

DO NOT order from JUST-EAT because you run the risk of NOT getting your money back if anything goes bad with the order, including not getting what you ordered, as detailed in section 3.3 of their terms and conditions.

I ended up sorting the dispute with my bank who will be claiming the money from just-eat, enjoy! Told you I would get my money back! Now I'm going to speak to Trading Standards. The best part of all of this is that after 53 orders through just-eat they will never see me again, hope they can retire on that, and oh I'm gonna be opening a similar site just to piss you off!


After posting this review I then got a reply from the company....totally annoying! Stating the terms and conditions as they always do. Point is, they said they were claiming back the money for me or would help claim the money back however to this day (years later) I'm still to find out what happened....as I said before, avoid at all costs!

15 June 2012

Reply from Just-Eat.co.uk

Hello Сипрез,

I'm sorry to hear your unhappy with the service provided and that you no longer wish to use the service.

As you are already aware, our terms and conditions state that the legal contract for the supply and purchase of food and beverages is between you and the Delivery Restaurants that you place your order with. JUST-EAT cannot give any undertaking that the food and beverages ordered from the Delivery Restaurants through this Website will be of satisfactory quality and any such warranties are disclaimed by JUST-EAT. Because the restaurants are independent businesses we cannot issue refunds without the takeaways consent, however we will assist you, where possible, in seeking a refund from the restaurant to a maximum amount equivalent to the value of the original order.

Kind Regards,

Preena kamle
Social Media Consultant


Does what it says on the tin!

These guys are seriously helpful. Try it out you will agree.



I did a price quote for a ticket but then when I further realised that other sites were cheaper than Emirates, selling Emirates tickets, I was very disappointed, are they intentionally trying to dive customers away from themselves?


Says what it does

We went to Whitby and want a room for two couples, excellent location and satisfactory rooms, loved the whole thing!


Not Bad

The company isn't bad but they could do better, the service was too slow and the flowers for my Gran who passed away arrive too late!


Not Worth It

I recently tried to get an upgrade on my mobile phone, however I was lied to before and apparently even though Ive been paying £80 a month with them, I'm not loyal enough to upgrade with 2 months of the current contract ending, well it's off to Vodafone then!


Best Service Yet

I recently went to buy a phone cover at the store, not only was the customer service brilliant, they even stuck the protective plastic layer on to my phone for me, brilliant!


Took my money, and gave me no flight

I had to wait over a month for a refund after I had to book a last minute trip overseas to burry my beloved grandma, with no money left due to lastminute.com freezing my last bit of cash before I could take off I was left stranded without a way to go, received my cash back a month later too.

cheers for that, hope the economic decline hits you hard!

Just Eat

Dont Use, Customer Service Crap

I recently ordered from them and I got a confirmed delivery, two mins later it changed to, sorry we not sure if the takeaway place is available (even though it said they open). If you order 5 mins before time you should get what you ordered! At this point my money was taken, but we will give you a voucher they said, well whoopti doo! The saga went one, on the same night the next place I ordered from demanded I settle for the wrong order, I said diet coke idiot not coka-cola! And oh, I'm still waiting for my refund, trading standards here I come.

And lastly, the advisor on the phone, called Laura agent number 2699 said, yh I'll get a manager to call you back in 10 mins, wow maybe 12 hours is the new 10 mins, and still counting.

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