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StressFreeParking - Meet and Greet

The site worked extremely well and I got a great deal from a very good service.

Saphire Valet Parking at London City Airport were and extremely professional and convenient service - I would definitely recommend them.

Simply Electronics Ltd.


Whilst it's reassuring to see from other feedback here that people do eventually receive their items, at this moment that is a silver lining to a very very black cloud.

I ordered my new camera (Canon 7d + lenses) on April 1st and selected standard delivery 2-5 days. It is now April 20th and it has not even been dispatched yet. How do I know that? Not because anyone has emailed me to explain and apologise for the delay, but because everyday for the past week I have phoned customer services only to be assured that it was being dispatched 'that day' and I had been 'upgraded to express delivery'. I now think that was just a ploy to get me off the phone...
When I asked to speak to the manager I was told that they weren't at their desk at the moment (every time!) and when I asked the advisor what they could do to help (this was the customer helpline after all!) I was told that they really couldn't actually do anything... the mind boggles! Employing a dead cat would have been as much help.

I also tried to complain by email and got a very similar response to others on here that 'they were dealing with a huge backlog after the Easter bank holidays' - like others on here, to me that is just not an excuse.

I wouldn't mind if they advertised on their website that delivery was up to 2 weeks (3 weeks in my case!), then if you get it in 2 days then you're happy but you can't complain if it does take 2 weeks. To advertise delivery times of 2-5 days is simply a lie, and probably a matter for trading standards.

At present I neither have my items nor a date when they will be delivered. They meanwhile have my £2000 and have had it for nearly 3 weeks. To me, that boarders on the criminal.

I can see that others have had a good experience. You are the lucky ones, or maybe I am the unlucky one - but when I spend nearly £2000 on something I really don't want to have to rely on luck.

I wish I had paid attention to other people's feedback before placing my order because if I had I wouldn't be in this position, so now I hope that others will pay attention to my experience and steer well clear of this incompetent company with its pathetic customer service.


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