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Fantastic service - best in class

Bought a companion garden seat from True shopping.

It arrived next day significantly beating their 3-5 day estimate

They handled my pre-delivery email enquiry within 10 minutes

They kept me informed by txt of the delivery picking and dispatch

They handled a post-delivery enquiry very quickly

Excellent service

I will be shopping with them again, no doubt about it - this is how internet shopping should be.

Higly recommneded

14 December 2012

Reply from www.trueshopping.co.uk

Hello Michael,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review for Trueshopping.

It's great to hear about your positive experience with the purchase of your garden seat and how impressed you were with the delivery and service provided by Trueshopping.

Kind Regards

The Trueshopping team


Excellent build quality from a "local" long established firm

Craftstone build our inglenook and installed a stove and twin walled flue up throought the house and out of the roof.

They were extrememely flexible about the work and worked through obsticles without any issie. Nothing seemed too much trouble. They understood what we wanted, relaying the design back to us to ensure there were no misunderstandings.

The 2 day job when exactly to plan with 4 people working flat out to complete on time and to the agreed price.

A great experience.


Very Helpful and reliable

Ivett and Reed have proved to be a very helpful company who have old fashioned conscientious values.

They delivered on time and were very cheerful people who gave the impression they were proud to be working for Ivett and Reed.

Very nice to deal with that approach.


No sucess dispite many attempts

I think freecycle is populated by professional re-sellers who collect stuff for sale on ebay, gumtree, carboots and classified.

I have tried to ask for 30 or so items, many within minutes of them apprearing, and they have always already gone.

80% of people do not let you know, your polite email just dissappear.

Unless you are willing to sit and press refresh all day, i doubt you will have much sucess on freecycle.

Of the 3 items I have offered the replies were instant, and the collectors were not grateful, it was not something unusual for them, they appeared to be on a schedule collecting things around the county.

Brickhunter Limited

Prompt, Friendly, good price, no hassle

Brick hunter is a good source for buying pallet loads of bricks for your selfbuild or DIY project.

We found it easy to source the type of brick we wanted and they do the legwork by finding stock and arranging delivery. If a brick is out of stock they source similar alternaitves by getting advice direct from the manufacturer.

The price was good too.

Staff are friendly, no nonsense and will not patronise non-trade buyers,

They arrived on-time in 2-3 days.

We had one issue with a courier who couldn't unload a pallet, he returned the next day with a new pallet and a different lorry so no time lost really.

TV Brackets World

Very Quick service, very good product at the rigth price

I bought a cantilever TV bracker to support a 42 inch TV.

IT was £35 so i was a bit cautious about the quality as the conmpetitors seem ot be around £90-£120

But I should not have worried. It is excellent and I cannot understand why anyone pays 2 or 3 times this amount,

It comes with a lot of various fixings, is black painted and has a built in spriti level - all described accurately on their website

I received the bracket in 2 days, as promised.

Overall I am delighted with this company.


Very efficient on-line service

I used the jessops on-line site to order a 2x tele converter for my Nikon DSLR.

The service was excellent, product well described and arrived next day perfectly packaged.

Price was very competative and I belive this is actually a known 3rd party item branded as Jessops so you get good quality at a lower price.

Very good experience and Jessops are one of the few hig-street chains that have translated into an on-line retailer very well.


Excellent piece of mind customer service and response

Mantis's main product is thier garden tiller.

They offer excellent pre and post sales advice and were able to advise on how to get the best of the tiller.

Although I have not used the warranty, this seems to be a no quibble 12 month "return if if you don't like" deal which you cannot ask for better. Sure enough the paperwork does not give any caveats to this offer so it seems genuine,

The product is versitile and allows us to manage a 1 acre plot. Its not as easy to use as thier promo material suggests, you will need some strength to use it, but the results are excellent finely tilled ground.

The product will cope with virgin ground and we have used it to turn solid clay-based lawn into deep cultivated beds.


Went there for a cheap premium, will stay following thier good dservice

I went to AXA last year for buildings and contents insurance mainly because it was a recognised name and the price was good via compare the market.

Unfortunately we had a theft and lost a lot of stuff from the home. AXA were excellent in handling the claim. Don't get me wrong, they didn't just give the money away, but they were very prompt with the repairs and helped us in dealing with the lost adjuster and valuers.

Overall, I would recommend AXA and have returned to them this year knwoing i am covered by a helpful insurer of integrity


Still Good, used to be better

Gumtree is a great idea but with the free an low price items peole just do not return you calls/emails and often the adverts are left up for days after something has gone.

I know, I know, what do i expect from free or cheap stuff....well I would hope people would remove adverts when things are sold, its not much to ask and I seem to invest a ot of time into very politely replying to adverts and getting no reply back

My experience of selling items is good, and yes, the very first thing to do after sellin g someting is i take the advert down !


Could not wait to leave !!

tried talk talk for a voice only package, they took months to get the feature set right, were the subject of a regulator-assited compensation.

More than happy to pay more for a decent service, my time is worth more than the endless hours wasted on the phone to talktalk.

....and yet 2 years later they still keep pestering me to buy their service even though i keep telling them to remove me from their marketing system

Premier Ink

Excellent range, prices and very friendly staff

Prenier ink is one of those companues that really know how to treat customers. They are extremely keen to help, both pre AND post sales.

You can trust them to recommend the right product for you, if they can't help, they will say so rather that pitch something you don not need.

I cannot recommend them highly enough - and have been using them for 2 years now.


Unfortunately their service deteriorates at each takeover

Freenetname were a very friendly ISP when they started, i have been with them since dial up and the Connectivity CD you used to get to dial into thier modems ( remember those !! )

When Madasafish took them over they went down hill a bit, the systems were never fully integrated and it showed because one part of the company didn't know what the other was doing - your service requests would play ping pong between parts of supposedly the same company.

Since the Plusnet takeover its got even worse, they now do not seem to care and winge when you try to get a service issue solved with the attitude of "its cheap, what do youe xpect". EG thier domain registration system has not worked for 2 months ( April-June ) BUT it will magically work if you give them a tenner to register a domain name,

Disspaointed and this is a classic case of a company loosing its way and forgetting where its original success came from.

RSI Shop

Very helpful and trustworthy company

The RSI shop were very helpful when i purchased my key board to assist with repetative strain.

The company is small enough to get a personal pre and post sales service but large enough to be reliable and have a full range of equipment

I would recommend anyone who needs specialised computer access equipment to look at The RSI Shop.

Adapt It

Very friendly company who understand the products they sell

I bought a split keyboard (mobile version ) for RSI

The goldtouch keyboard was accurately described on thier website.

I spoke with them on the phone and got accurate advice, the owner even intercepted my parcel and opened it for me to describe the product.

A firm who are small enough to be friendly yet have a big enough range to get what you need,

Note this company also runs "The RSI Shop" so don't be confused into thinking they are seperate compnaies

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