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Poor website design only matched by poor service.

Maybe I should have learnt my lesson after the first attempt to order an item from this website in 2007. Have things changed...NO!!

I recently tried to place an order for a Delonghi coffee Nespresso machine with Pixmania after debating if I should, based on previous experience. The deal however was to good to pass up and I took the risk, hoping things had changed after 5 years.

I Placed the order and everything seemed to go well however within an hour of placing the order the same issues started to rear their ugly head. The item that I ordered suddenly went from being 'in stock' to 'temporarily out of stock'. When I checked the email that came through it said that delivery would be made by a partner company in the UK Currys. So I thought I would check to make sure I was not making a brash decision and maybe Pixmania were out of stock but Currys had stock available. No they did not.

This had happened years ago when I tried to order a Sony TV with Pixmania so immediately I sent an email asking 'Am I going to receive this item?' No response as of yet but everything takes at least 24 hours with Pixmania.

I therefore decided to ring Pixmania and I spoke to a sales advisor Eva who although very nice could not resolve my issue. I asked her first Am I going to receive my order?The response was that it is out of stock sir but she would ask head office when it will become available. Instead of going through all of this again I thought I would just get a refund. Simple enough one would think. Eva again told me that she would have to ask head office if this is possible. If this is possible I responded.

I am amazed that an individual from customer services has to ask head office every time a refund has to be authorised. Hopefully this does not have to go to board level each time as I could be waiting a while. Longer than the obligatory 24 hours.

My rights are as follows I have paid for a product which I am not going to receive in the time frame stated in our original agreement and because the item is no longer being manufactured I will never receive it.

Pixmania is unfortunately a joke as a company, you pay what looks like a low price but ultimately this leads to a second rate service. I am still waiting for a response from head office regarding my refund.

All I would say to anyone thinking of buying from this company is do not bother, spend a bit more money for a better service and ultimately your product at the end.

13 June 2012

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Thank you for your review, I am sorry to hear that you have had a problem with the stock levels for this order and for your previous order.
If a product is currently in stock we will try to obtain the restock date which will be given directly from the supplier.
In this circumstance you will normally given 3 options;
1. To wait
2. To suggest a substitute item
3. To cancel order
You mention that this is from one of our CURRYS warehouses, in the UK which utilises a different IT system. For this reason, we will be able to request the refund by contacting the CURRYS department.
I would be happy to look into your file to ensure that your cancellation and refund is made. Please contact me on with your order details and I will contact you directly with a confirmation.
Best Regards
Pixmania Mediator

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