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wouldnt go back

it was the best thing when i left bt and cheaper


walmart or asda

why is it that asda belongs to walmart who as we all know is a american comapny and the americans do like there coupons so can some one tell me why it is we dont have the same savings they get instead of a a fiver of a £40 shop when there geting items for free or if not both money given back to them im sure you will get more people in to your stores it give tesco a run for its money thats for sure


not worth the bother

give them a wide berth ,


dont trust ebay

i dont trust this site used them before when my account was closed i kept getting emails telling my i owe them money which i never did my account was clear this went one for a while so i stay well clear


wouldnt use them

im not happy with this company the reason why is down to the way they treated my neighbour,
she ask me to book her a flight to irleand she is in her 80s she flew out a day before she cam home she was told that her flight was delayed and to go to the airport which she did , the person she spoke to said if she wanted another flight it would cost her over a £100 pounds which was a lot so it was a case of stay in the airport or pay


very good site

i like this site ive got a few good items free and safed a few quide to


you have lost your touch

tesco isnt like it used to be its lost its customer sevices mind you im not sure it had any to start with , they must think there customers are stupid to fall for there so called price drop and there programmed to say im sorry to hear that drives me nuts i come the end of the year my club card goes in the shredder and my nectar card gets a boost


waste of my £145

i fill robbed every time i buy my licence fee i dont have much to watch 1/2 programs in the morning if im really lucky and i mean really i may find some thing to watch on bbc 1 or 2, and now ive got my husband moaning there not showing the full f1 races , and if that wasnt bad enough its the sports that take place over any thing else and it has to been showen on more then one channel drives me mad drop the fee once and for all i can think what to do with £145 thats for sure


orange is great

orange is a great company for there mobile and home broadband
whenive contacted them on both sides of there company ive given the best help i could have ask for ive been with orange mobile since the 90s and the only thing im not happy with is the phoned fund
its there so you can put it towards a new phone on pay as you go or to go towards your billing on monthly so if you dont use it you will lose the fund ,

Pet Supermarket

very happy with the service

the day i went to pet supermarket i check out my local tesco supermarket to get a price for frontline flea treatment for my cat
and got a real shock at the price of it
so i got online and check out a few online sites like amazon ,pets at home ,
and then check out pet supermarket i was happy to see they sold the same flea treatment i got from my vet along with the worming drops although they were out of stock for the worming drops but i did buy a single tab to keep her going for now the cost of both items was cheaper then the frontline so yes i was the delivery was fast to which is another bonus i will buy from pet supermarket again

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