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dell got it right

the best online customer support for any pc manufacturer ive never found an easier site to get on with, easy to find driver updates and easier still for downloads


cant find it argos it

what can i say it works when it wants to but other than that still probably one of the quickest internet catalogues ive seen for a while


talk talk no it dont

probably one of the worst search engines ever its constantly getting problems like "dns doesnt exist" or "couldnt find webpage/ could possibly be expired" honestly its crap


the best ever

obviously im going to be a little bit biased about o2 as im an o2 customer but they are still one of the better network providers


face book fun

yes its a good way of people keeping in touch with friends family and loved ones but it is also a relationship killer and a massive playground for a bunch of idiots that have nothing better to do with their lives apart from cause problems for people cos they are fed up with their own pathetic life..... in short i hate facebook but i only have it to keep in touch with the rest of my family


my rating for google

the best search engine ever

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