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Beers of Europe Ltd.

First Class Service

What is there to say, you order, you pay, they deliver, you drink, you order some more. All seems like a pretty good way to do business to me, Noch Ein Bier Bitte !


Outstanding service

Needed a single phase 400w transformer for a home project so I went online, I was just going to give up the idea after the crazy prices I was being quoted when I stumbled on jmsonline, Wow old fashioned good service and prices, about time I found value for money instead of being ripped off. So if you need a transformer at a good price in a reasonable time that's properly manufactured give these guy's a chance, they deserve to succeed.


Not impressed

Paid for line to be installed, went to cable, BT removed line without consultation and when I decided to return to them they wanted to charge me to put the line back in. Still on cable as a result of this policy...



Most difficult people I have ever come across, bills keep rising while promises of better service never materialise, ring up with a complaint and you will wait hours on the phone, finally speaking to someone on a different planet, or so it seems when you ask for something. If there was a alternative I would leave them NOW. Never met anyone who praised this company.


Make sure you check here

Don't fail to check Autotrader before buying you next used car or you'll be sure to see a better car at a lower price and you know how annoying that is.....


Star Store

First thing I noticed about Morrison's was the fresh clean store and the politeness of it's staff and this in an area many would consider not the best. Product range is good as are prices with really good value on Butchery and Bakery items. Bit of a journey but as long as they keep this standard up I'll keep going.
PS petrol station is handy too


Keeps you rolling

Good selection of tyres at the right price, yes you can occasionally beat them on price if you spend days shopping around but if you want tyres now give them a ring


Good Game

Problem free using Play


Useful for some but not me

Never seem to hear of the things that I would like in my area, maybe I'm too fussy but I have never used them because they don't seem to cover things I look for


Cant wait to use them again

Excellent website, easy use and effective search engines. Saved a lot of money on what the travel agents were offering.


Just say "yes"

Fine little outfit but be careful with stroppy staff, if you nod or say yes to everything they tell you you may be okay but don't disagree with what they say, it'll cost you one way or another.


Best Value on the high street

Best Value on the high street and most other places too

City Link

Slow and uncertain pickups

Ok on delivery but if you want to send something then get ready to be messed around with pick up times

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John Lewis

Same price as discount house

Buy it here for the same as most discount stores and get a far superior service with free guarantee thrown in.


It Works, to a degree.

Look out for the extra charges they hide in everything and be prepared to spend more than you save at the other end when faced with a long journey to where you thought you were flying.
Example Weeze to Essen, 80 euro taxi ride


Default Search Engine

Always been the best, Bing won't get a look in here.


The Big unbending one

Great system but has a little problem listening to it's users


Who dosen't use Ebay

Bought everything from CD's to Cars, problem free using Ebay and Paypal


Five Star

Never had any difficulty using this company, highly reccommended.


Almost perfect

reliable,fast, reasonable price.

Farnell Cpc

Good service as usual

Nothing new to report, order dealt with exactly as expected from previous experience.

"Good service as usual"

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