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Unreliable and idiotic.

I checked the web site regarding a package one recent morning, and saw that it was "on vehicle for delivery". I took steps to ensure that someone would be home for the entire day, yet no delivery. Furthermore, I saw a Purolator truck drive by. I live on a quiet residential road. It is not a through route, so I assumed he was delivering something to a neighbour and would be back shortly, but he never returned. Later that night, I checked and found that the tracking was updated to indicate that a scheduled delivery appointment was required - and that this change was made about 5 minutes after I saw the truck drive by.

Early next morning, I called and was told that the package was once again on the truck for delivery and would arrive by the end of the day, but once again, no delivery and the web site was once again updated to say that an appointment was required.

The next time I called, I was advised that the double failed delivery indicated an incorrect address. I had a receipt from the vendor and knew that the address shipped to was correct. It had allowed the post office, UPS, Fed Ex, and the pizza guy to all find my house with no problems, but apparently not Purolator.

That evening, I was speaking to a neighbour of mine, and she told me that for two consecutive days, she had a number on her call display. She called it and found it was Purolator - they had called my 2nd floor neighbour twice (without leaving a message). Apparently, because my neighbour did not answer (she was at work), they assumed that the address on the package was incorrect.

Finally, on the third day, the driver delivered it (and the address was perfect.) It even turned out that the delivery was "no signature required" in the first place - he could have avoided this bad review, avoided my rage and given acceptable service if he had just dropped the package on the front porch and driven away on that first day. It must have taken more effort to load the package 3 times than it would have actually taken to deliver it. Now, whenever I order anything, I have to get assurances from the vendor that it will not be sent by Purolator since they are so unreliable.

The London Pass

A great way to see London attractions, for most people.

We purchased six day London Passes and found them a wonderful way to see so much of what London has to offer. The passes are valid at so many different attractions that only the length of the day limits what can be seen. I would only recommend the six day pass - shorter term passes cost significantly more per day, and it would be difficult to get value out of them. Also, I would not recommend the London pass if you are not a relatively energetic person. In order to get value from the pass, you do need to have the stamina to spend the full day visiting attractions, and to keep this up for six consecutive days. A large percentage of of the attractions are historical sites, many related to British royalty, so review what is included and make sure it interests you. Also note that the large national museums in London are free admission, so you will not need the pass if these are your primary interest.

But if these precautions do not concern you, the pass makes a tremendous way to see many of the great attractions of London. Don't miss Hampton Court, Tower of London, Churchill War Rooms, Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral, just to name a few.

Be sure to make yourself familiar with the London tube and trains before you go - Just about every attraction has a tube or rail stop within a couple of minutes walk, and this truly is the only practical way to get around the city.

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