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From the best to the worst

Want to pick up a trojan, adware, nagware or any other kind of malware? Then head over to, where it seems you can pick up a bundle all in one these days. Appalling drop in standards of checking linked software and actively bundling unwanted software in with the good these days. Used to be my trusted source of software, but not any more. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

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Appalling service, did not seem to care

Ordered a dishwasher from them, picked one showing in stock, booked a delivery date with no delivery time, possibly up to 12pm according to the website, though i find it hard to believe they deliver anything so late, meaning I had to wait in all day. Unplugged my old one and left it standing in the middle of the room. Nobody turned up. Called the next day to be told it was out of stock, and they didn't know when it would be delivered. Nobody, of course, had thought to call and let me know about that. i asked for, and got, a refund on my delivery charge, as they had broken their contract, and was prepared to wait a week again till I could be in.

Apparently could not let me know by email despite ordering it online, but they would call me and let me know. Gave them a narrow window of a couple of hours each day when I'm contactable by phone, which they ignored, and called me back at work, which I had to ignore. I called them back to be told the next delivery day was over a month after my original order date, like it or lump it, and on a day when I couldn't be in anyway. i cancelled the order.

Do not order from them online, their system is deeply flawed.


Good price, but still wouldn't use again - Citylink ftl

Didn't realise before I ordered, but use citylink to deliver, who I avoid like the plague unreliable, and rare places to pick up. Makes them not worth the saving.

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