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Excellent after-sale service

The product I ordered turned out not to work as expected but HiFi Headphones allowed me to return it, checked the product to try to make it work and when they were unable to solve the problem for my situation, gave me a refund. Sorry this product didn't work out, but I would definitely buy from them again.


UPS tracking system is bad for customers.

On 25 May, I missed the first delivery attempt of some printer cartridges. The notice said another attempt would be made the following day, Tuesday, so I made sure I was around. No delivery. Checked their online system--it said the package would be delivered on Wednesday. Nothing arrived. On Thursday, the online system said it would be delivered Thursday. When I called, I learned that the package hadn't been scanned since Monday (i.e., it was lost and they had no idea where it was) and when that happens, the system automatically updates to say the delivery will be on the current day. Of course everything about their phone system is set up to prevent you from calling and instead tries to push you back to their unreliable online system.

I then had to call the suppler to initiate a search. Which I could have done two days earlier if I had not been misled by the UPS system. The package did not finally arrive until 11 June, two weeks after that first attempt. In the meantime, I had to go out somewhere else and buy printer cartridges.

No apology from UPS of course. Very unimpressive.


Terrible delivery performance

Ordered my printer cartridges on 25 May. Missesd the 1st delivery attempt on 28 May. For three days, the UPS system kept saying it would be delivered "today." When I finally called, I learned the package had been lost and I had to initiate a trace with FMS. The cartridges didn't arrive until 11 June, two weeks after the initial delivery date. I was the one who had to make the calls and do the tracking down. FMS need a more reliable delivery agent or to keep better track of what UPS are doing.

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