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Unique Selection, Excellent Service!

They stock things others don't. The site is clear and straightforward. The response is lightening fast. I'm a repeat customer.

Virgin Atlantic

Never again Mr Branson

I tried Virgina Atlantic for the first time to NYC after hearing all the wind of how snazzy they are. Well, they aren't. Upsold us some 'extra legroom' seats for £100 in a corridor aisle to the toilet - had to sit feet retracted all the way, because of the constant onslaught of people. Crew sympathetic, apologised, and brought us a complaint form because they said they had the problem all the time -- but not Mr Branson's customer service - carefully worded, arrogant emails back only offering half the money. AND, the other people in the row DID NOT PAY PREMIUM for their seats. It is one giant rip off.

Return form JFK: people at check in could not have cared less. "Supervisor" simply walked off when I tried to ask her to address the situation. NO ONE CARES at this company once they've got your cash.

Then, there's the actual Airbus seats - they herald this new Airbus as something to be proud of, when it is a shameful testament to micromanaging and profit-scrounging. THERE IS LESS THAN 20cm between the seat ant the pocket full of junk in front of you. No one over 5'5" can fit comfortably in them. The game: up-sell you their 'Premium Economy" that are on either side of you for double the price, in exchange for a seat that is standard on BA or KLM or even Crappy Continental size wise. Even *choke* Ryan Air and Easyjet have bigger seats than these tuna cans.

If you fly this sham of an operation, the only thing that's going to sparkle is Mr Branson's video of himself he forces you to watch.

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Royal Mail

Complete band of liars

Special delivery sent from business for 9am - critical approval documents for a deadline job - unkempt, unprofessional postie runs away after tossing in a 'while you were out' card - when we sat and watched him. Never rang the buzzer, nothing. IN fact, didn;t even have the envelope with him. This is standard practice for Royal Mail, and I cannot believe someone in that useless UK givernment does do something about it - the internet is floating in complaints about this. Still, they charge and charge, and nobody does anything.

Note to the wise: make a deal with a local merchant, news agent, have your parcels sent there - if the shops open all day, they can't get away with it.

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Excellent customer service! A joy to find.

So here's the run down:
1. Sale offer price came up on site, then disappeared
2. emailed with a screen shot to ask if they'd honored the special offer price
3. They did, and shipped right away (although it was clearly a computer error and they;d lose money on the deal, they stuck by the price as shown).
4. Package arrived, unit damaged/broken.
5. Requested a photo of the damage, and sent me a second product (Brita Maxtra) right away.

I didn;t even have to bother sending the first one back. They treated me with value, not the regular-old 'we don;t care' you get from so many web sites.

ACE customer service. Will be ordering from them again.


Booze infested Party Bus

The web site for Jet2 is full of hidden charges, and deceptive pricing. Fine, they all are like that. The flight: well, 8am to Prague filled with heavily intoxicated (falling down, slurring, etc) - about 25 of them. Legally, they should not have been allowed to fly at all. WHat did Jet2 staff do? Rolled out the booze cart and started selling the cans.

When I mentioned this on twitter, I got harrassed by their hired hacks, stating that 'Prague was a joke of a place to go and not high class'

There's nothing wrong with Prague, it's the loser gangs of drunkards that go there that are the problem. And Jet2 takes them there.

I will never fly that airline again. (along with Ryanair. Same thing).


Avoid 'dongles' - it's a rip off

Just got rpyally ripped off by 3, and am chasing them through cc company and Ofcom. They sell these 'dongles' - they don;t work well, and the time keeping is rigged to run out well ahead of your actual usage.

The game is they claim you had it on when you didn't, and then fight you with call centres in India and claims that 'your friend must have borrowed it'.

These people are running a scam, and it is deplorable in the UK that the consumer has no recourse against these thieves.

Avoid, avoid, avoid.


AVOID AVOID AVOID another unscrupulous con job

Bought 100 pound dongle for a house move. Allowed 12 Gig usage. After 2 weeks of 'normal' use, the status says I'd used half. There's NO WAY. I work in IT and just not possible.

This was confirmed after spending over an hour with their condescending tech support. The jokes:
1. Did you forget and leave it on? (No.)
2. Our computers are always right. (Laugh.)

and the biggest one:
3. You used it for 4 hours this morning, between 8:30 and 11:30. (I wasn't even in, the computer was off, and the dongle unplugged).

The status also shows that I apparently have been online for 177,000 hours. That's a lot for 2 weeks. I wish I had that much time in 2 weeks.

Talked to rep after rep - same BS, repeating junk off a computer screen, which NEVER is wrong - although every rep's story was different as to the actual usage.

Truth is: they don;t know, and I'm getting shafted for it. SO SICK of being ripped off in this country with no real controls on these cowboy telephone and internet companies. It's a joke.

I'm going to fight it through my credit card. I don;t have another '3' hours to spend on a customer service line, for which I'm being charged, and NO YOU MAY NOT remotely access my computer - yeah right, by some stranger in India?? No!

You've been warned.

Avoid 'dongles' - it's a rip off

Just got rpyally ripped off by 3, and am chasing them through cc company and Ofcom. They sell these 'dongles' - they don;t work well, and the time keeping is rigged to run out well ahead of your actual usage.

The game is they claim you had it on when you didn't, and then fight you with call centres in India and claims that 'your friend must have borrowed it'.

These people are running a scam, and it is deplorable in the UK that the consumer has no recourse against these thieves.

Avoid, avoid, avoid.


The Glasgow Shop is Excellent, and I like the way they don't BS you on the web site

This shop is truly a treasure for geeks like me who need real parts - not stupid IKEA kits. They have the oddest selections of tools and that - and it rivals B&Q for specifics/electronics. The stock isn't always perfect, and you have to know what you're doing with things, but I am grateful for a shop that still caters to people with a brain.

(PS.> Check the sale shelves - the discontinued merchandise is always incredibly priced).


Update: 15 AUg

Update Aug 2013
Well, it seems somebody may be taking these awful reviews to heart. I withold final analysis, but, I must say they've piout in new notification systems and tracking, and my book arrived on time, and the fellow was as friendly and professional as one could imagine. This is in London. Perhaps there is hope.

I've gone from 1 to 4 stars - mainly because of the way the man treated me, like my day mattered as much as his. PLEASE REWARD THE GOOD GUYS. Another delivery today. Let's see if this is consistent. Apparently John is on delivery 28 of 84 right now...

March 2012
Order from Amazon - from Perth to Edinburgh, next day.

Route used: Perth, Oban, Glasgow, Edinburgh. 4 days in total.

Driver smirked when I tried to offer a friendly joke about it, and smarted off "it's here now" and stomped away.

I don;t want to hear it when some immigrant shows up to "take your job," and outperforms you tenfold. Some people are happy for a good job and wage, and good customers.

22 June 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Martin,
Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry that our customer service fell below the expected standards on this occasion. I can assure you that we are a highly customer-centric company and we have heaps of phenomenal employees and suppliers who take immense pride in their work.
I'm really sorry if you encountered someone who did not display these qualities. I can only say that this is not reflective of the general standard of our people.
Kind regards,


Will never set foot in here again.

Bought a charger, and merely opened the box. No damage whatever. They would not return it.

Thank you for helping me find an online vendor who wants my business. I've spent over 1000.00 pounds so far, and you didn't get it.

Just Eat

Use them all the time. Love them.

Use them all the time. Love them.

13 June 2012

Reply from

Hello Martin,

I'm glad to hear you use just eat all the time and love the service. I'd like to thank you for taking to leave a review, we look forward to your continued custom.

Kind regards,

David Farrer
Senior Social Media consultant


5+ years as a customer, and they don;t care

Changed phones, got a whopping bill for calls I did not make. Rude, horrible service - told I was lying - the usual 'it's all the customers fault'. Statement of the century:
"You are sure that no one has EVER, in the History of 02, been sent an incorrect bill?"
02 Answer: "No, never".

Finally got someone who gave me a token gesture of a credit, but not before forcing me to listen why it was still my fault (I did not make the calls).

Then, they'd sold me a crap Palm Pre phone - billed as the world's next marvel. Everyone knew this phone was awful. I'm still waiting for a reply to my further of 3 emails from 3 months ago.

Coverage is getting lousy - weak signals, etc.

Contract up in a few months: bye bye 02.


Using them 3+ years, professionally GREAT SERVICE

I almost went with another company after reading reviews on here, and am GLAD I didn't. I don;t know what all the fuss is about interparcel. I just moved an entire company, as well as personal house across country. We booked for this past Monday, with UPS. They picked up before the end of the day. Next day, the driver was waiting for us when we arrived from the train!

All the while, I placed 2 calls to them to verify the shipment and get some help with some of the details - the people were considerate, prompt and on-the-ball.

Last year, we moved to Paris and back, and again used interparcel. Outbound: packages arrived in 2 days. Return: packages arrived in 2 days. Nothing broken, customs cleared and handled.

I've been using Interparcel for over 3 years with my business, and have only once had a failed collection, and when that happened - they cared and refunded me straight away, and rebooked with someone else. I'm a happy loyal customer.

The only thing I can figure from the people having collection problems on here is that if UPS/YODEL/somebody doesn;t show up, it's hardly the agents' fault. Secondly, I'd rather chew nails than entrust my parcels to Yodel or DPD, or ParcelFarce (who makes cash by faking the dlievery attempts and charges you for redelivery). It pays to have a good agent.

My suggestion: if you;re not wanting to sit home waiting for _whoever_ make a friend at a local shop with long hours, pay him/her a pound to have your parcel sit and wait for the delivery courier - and forget about it. (I've found this has been well received by several places, who all see a new way of making money by offering this as a service).

PS. a key element: with IP you choose which courier - which is very important in my book. Others choose for you.

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