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MarineStore Chandlery

Easy purchase

A really straightforward buying experience. Will use again.



I know they've had bad press but there's not too much wrong with them. Above all, the staff are helpful and friendly (unlike a certain Irish carrier). The only major thing that I find difficult is the lack of allocated seating but they are trialling this now. I avoid this by paying for speedy boarding.

I quite like 'em!


Loved them until I found out about their Prime dual pricing policy

My wife wanted to purchase a small item of jewellery which she had found on I have subscribed to Amazon Prime where you get free delivery on a lot of stuff so I volunteered to by it on my account. On her laptop the item was £24 + £5 delivery = £29 ; on my Prime Amazon account it was free delivery but the cost was £30! I thought it must be a "one off" so I started delving with 2 different browsers, one logged into my Prime a/c the other not logged in. I found a fair few other occurrences of this, not the majority admittedly but enough to make me think I am being scammed.

I have since contacted them by the help procedure and heard nothing so I started a "live chat" unfortunately I had to terminate this due to a family emergency but I asked the operator to email me with the results of his findings. He said he would and also that a colleague had responded a few days ago. Neither email arrived. Needless to say I was still getting their promo emails.

This leaves me with a feeling rather akin to finding out your best friend has been lying to you. Very disappointed and they are going to have to work really hard to get me back as a customer. One unhappy customer can undo the work of ten happy ones.

Think on Amazon - your customers are not stupid.

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