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Not all bad, certainly improved over years.

I was with TalkTalk about 4 years years ago, and found them appalling. Customer Service was terrible, broadband speeds low and price wasn't that competitive. I split up with my ex and moved out, leaving TalkTalk long behind.

Long story short, moved into my parents house with BT as my broadband provider. Speeds were slightly higher than TalkTalk (4-6Meg) but the price was more. Got my own place and decided to go with BT.

Over a period of time, BT became less and less reliable to me. Internet dropping for no reason, even with connection to ethernet cable. Customer service kept saying there was no faults in my area, unplug the router, reset the router, go into the admin settings even though I told them I had done all this. The price was going up and my speeds were going down. By the time I actually left BT my speed was 1.9Meg.

Got a call from TalkTalk promising me low price, faster broadband and customer service that beat BT in customer surveys. Was very skeptical but decided to go ahead with it because at least if I was going to get terrible speeds and terrible service I wouldn't have to pay through the nose for it like I was with BT.

But...(Shock horror) It was the best decision I ever made. I'm currently paying £21.00 to TalkTalk a month for line rental, unlimited broadband, unlimited calls plus caller ID in a 12 month deal with a promise that if I stay with them after 12 months I will only be paying £25.00 a month. My speed is loads better (around 12Meg off peak and 7Meg peak times) and the price around £15.00 cheaper than BT.

I think that everyone will have different experiences with broadband and talk providers based on location. I'm not saying TalkTalk are the best and if I can find a cheaper deal somewhere else in September when my 12 months are up then I will, but in my personal experience they are better than BT.

Currently looking at Sky broadband as they have a deal on at the moment, only problem being because I don't have a BT line I have to pay £41 to switch the line back. But certainly TalkTalk are getting better than they were years ago. They are worth a try but I wouldn't switch if you are on a similar deal/have decent reliable broadband with another provider. They aren't that special, but if you are having continuous problems with another provider give them a go. They may surprise you, as they did with me.

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