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Even worse than Ryanair!

Due to the bad weather, the 24/12/13 the North Terminal at Gatwick was affected by a power cut and it was a complete mess. This is not Vueling's fault, of course and we, the passenger of flight VY7823 had more luck than other people because at leat we could fly even if it was 2 hours later... My problem with Vueling is how bad they handled and still do the situation.

After checking in the suitcase, we had to pull it ourselves into a wheeled container, that in theory will be carried by the staff to the plane. Well, when we finally landed in Barcelona, we waited during 1 hour for our luggage to come out, just to be notified that the plane flew without luggage... Couldn't they have told this to us before, instead of making us wait? We had then to fill in a form with the details of our luggage to allow them to find it. We were told that all the suitcases will be transported to Barcelona in different flights and that the estimated period to solve the issue was of 24/48 hours.

Well, 4 days have already gone by, and not only I don't have my suitcase yet, but they don't even know where it is... During this 4 days, I have been calling to Vueling and the service is horrible and appaling: Rude and cheecky staff that don't allow you to speak, that refuse you your right to talk to a supervisor, that do not record correctly the details of the missing lugagge, and that they talk to you in Portuguese when you have asked to speak in Spanish.

I also wrote a claim about my missing suitcase, and the resolution they sent is a silly template talking about hand luggage, that has nothing to do with my problem... Do they even read???

Worst service ever!!!!!



My first issue with Ryanair took place a few month ago, when I paid for priority boarding, this service was not provided and when I claimed it to the cabin crew and to his customer service department, they treated me in a very unpolite way, with 0 empathy, total indefference and refusing to refund me the money I paid because they were not allowed to do that at the customer service department.

As it wasn't a big amount, I decided not to take any action, but this company has now gone too far with their last dirty trick.

I booked a flight Barcelona-Dublin for my mother, and a flight London-Dublin for me, shceduling both flights in a way that I would arrive earlier than my mother to Dublin's airport, as she is not able to speak in English. Well, a few weeks before the date we must fly, Ryanair sent an e-mail to my mother informing that the flight timing has been modified. I contacted Ryanair (through a very expensive phone line that has raised my phone bill disproportionately) asking them to change my flight, but after more than 5 minutes, the agent I was speaking to, told me that if I wanna change my flight I will need to pay a fee of 50 pounds aprox (higher amount that the one I paid for the ticket) because Ryanair did not change my flight but the one for my mother. That if I want, I can change my mother's flight for free (useless taking into account that there's no other flight for that day). Despite I tried to make this "smart" lady understand that I would not be in the need to change my flight if they hadn't change the one for my mother, and that they only need to traspass the right to modify for free my mother's flight, to my flight, that for Ryanair wouldn't make any difference because only one flight will be modified anyway, she merely repeted that they are not allowed to process my request and that I would need to send a fax (spending again more money) to the central service, that is not reacheable by phone. I did what I was told, and sent a fax, without receiving any reply from them, so like the day of our flights is approaching, I've been forced to change my flight and pay the fee, because I couldn't allow to make my mother wait alone more than 4 hours in an airport and without speaking the language...

This situation, makes me raise some questions:

1/ If at the customer service department aren't allowed to do anything, what's the point of having this customer service?
2/ Why do they make you writting to the central service if they are not going to reply you?
3/Do they ignore deliberately the requests they receive so the customer has no choice but to pay, and pay, and pay again?

Well, one thing is for sure, this is the last time I flight with this company, they are not the only low cost company in the world... It may seem a little thing, but since I flight very often from London to Barcelona, Ryanair has just made a gift to their competitors an amount of 7200 pounds per year.

And this review is not the only action I'm undertaking. I am writting a letter to the most important Spanish newspapers and I am going to launch a viral campaign through the social networks, and then maybe, my 7200 pounds per year would not be the only amount that this bunch of scammers is going to lose...

However, I am going to give Ryanair one last chance. If they contact me before the 3rd September (reservation AHKTVA, you can find my contact details there), and they agree to refund me the 10 pounds from the issue of the priority boarding, the cost of the phone calls and the fax, and the fee I have paid for changing my flight, I will remove this negative review, won't start the viral campaing and I will reconsider my decision of buying all my furhter flights through their most important competitor...

People at Ryanair, it's your turn to decide...

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