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Buyer Beware

Bought a HP Envy Touchsmart laptop in Nov 2013 due to the price and specs it seemed value for money.
Stunning looking laptop, easy to use - many excellent features....so why the poor rating?
After 5 weeks it could not be switched on - had had to contact HP directly. They collected it later on the week Dec 4th 2013.
They had given me a turn round period of 7-10 days and would contact me when repaired....after 10 days - no call so I phoned them. Was told that they did not have the HP part they required and due to the slow shipping due to christmas, part would arrive latest 29th Dec where they would contact me.
29th no call - so phoned them 30th Dec....where I was told the part was delayed and should arrive by 3rd Jan where they would phone me.
3rd no call - phoned them on 6th...told that part still had not arrived - and they were not sure when it would arrive but said they would call me the following week.
No call....that was the last straw - no emails, no calls - no parts....how can HP not have HP parts in their repairs dept?
Contacted them with those questions and asked to be forwarded to complaints dept with my case.
Still no use, on 16th the customer complaint dept offered me a newer but lower spec model, told them before I could decide i needed to check out the offered laptop specs. Rang back the next day where I was told that my part had finally arrived from Indonesia - but not sure how long it would take for the repair team to repair my laptop - so I asked if I could have the replacement laptop offered as I needed a laptop asap for work!
They said they would ship on 20th Jan and give me a call...finally!!!
No call on 20th Jan.....phoned them today 23rd Jan...only to be told that the laptop they had offered as replacement was no longer available...HUH!!! fine then fix my original laptop that they had since 4th Dec.....nope - we sent the part back!!!
You got to be kidding me...seriously kidding me!!!
Finally they offered to refund my laptop - after sending them the pc world invoice, they will send me forms to fill and can take 14 days to process application for refund and so on.
How come I can write this review??.....after they said I could apply for refund I ran out and bought myself a laptop....and NO it is not a HP!


Life Made Easier

Have used their meet and greet service several times - saves alot of hassel and time, perfect when travelling with a large family.


Sells Counterfeit Goods

Found out today that this company is linked to another website Golfsales365 which sells counterfeit items.
How do I know? Well just received a letter from HM Revenue & Customs via Adidas group that the item I purchased was in fact a counterfeit. I was very confused as the price I paid was only 15% cheaper then my local golf shop and the website looked pretty authentic.
So contacted the company and was told that they would only refund me 50% as otherwise they would lose money!!!! If I did not accpet the 50% they would close their accounts and shut shop - with this response I do believe that HM Revenue was correct.
So buyers beware - I now have to sign a declearation and contact Adidas to prevent them from pressing charges....arrgggggg


Beware - Sells Counterfeit Items

Bought a taylormade ghost putter from them in April 2011 - cost £82.99 + £4 handling. So about £13 cheaper with free shipping.
Website looked very authentic and price seemed right.
Received a letter today from HM Revenue & Customs via Adidas Group informing me that they had seized my putter at customs and that it was a counterfeit.
Was requested to sign the papers to allow them to destroy my order or face possibility of court proceedings!!!
Contacted golfsales365 via email as no one answered my phone calls to the number given on site and requested a full refund as the item was determined as counterfeit - they replied that they would only give me 50% refund, if I did not accept the 50% refund they would just shut shop and close the credit card account.
With that response - I do believe they do indeed sell counterfeit goods.
So please beware.


Fantastic Service!

Had to purchase a pair of golf trousers so tried this store as it had a good sale on.
After I had ordered, received a apology email as the item was out of stock...so was asked if I wanted a refund or they would replace the order with a more expensive pair of trousers which was simular in style.
Received the trousers and was thrilled...very very nice.


Company NOT in Europe!!

Ordered contact lenses from this company assuming that it was located within Europe as the name suggests and the fact that it was Free shipping within UK.
2 weeks later - had a rather expensive custom charge as the lenses was shipped from US company - so refused to pay the custom charge and requested PO to return parcel.
2 months and Eurolens claim that they have not received lenses back so have refused refund.

Ann Summers Ltd

Great if you are too shy !

Easy to use website, reviews on products is great, fast shipping - fun website to buy from.


Great Quality Supplements - Just Slow Shipping

Cannot fault their supplement - really excellent quality. Prices are great and so is their shipping costs from the USA. My only moan is the delievry time from USA - my longest wait was 6 weeks and my last order took 4 weeks.


Yummy Egyptian Cotton Towels

Have bought serveral bundles of their high end quality 100% Egyptian towels - supersoft, really thick....fantastic for the money!


Love Using Their Online Reserve Service

Mainly use argos.co.uk to reserve items to pick up locally and have never had any problems. When they have their clearance sales - this service is brilliant!
On the few occasions I have had items delivered - they have arrived within days and in perfect condition.


Great Tea Company

This site is great for medium/good quality teas. Each tea is packaged beautifully so brilliant for gifts. Service is wonderful and so are their freebie gifts for min spend.
So stop buying supermarket poor quality tea and try them out.

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Kept Overcharging!!

For the 3 years I was with Vodaphone - they kept charging me for bolt-ons which I did not request. Yes it was only a few pounds more then the contract amount I agreed....but at the end it had cost me well over £100 for services I did not request. Was informed that they could not refund me - only credit my account....which then they would add more bolt-ons. They promised they would sort the problem out when it came to my upgrade date...but they did not. Silly me believed them so renewed my contract with them - hence being with them for so long. Could not cancel the contract as it would cost me alot more then paying for all these not requested charges.
So - if you do decide to sign up with vodaphone.......check out your charges and make sure they are not adding in extras as it all does add up.


Easy Shopping!

Use this site on a regular basis for books, DVDs, Console games - have never had any problems....very pleased.


$229 for 6 bags of 28g normal quality Tea!!!

Website looked great and genuine enough. So decided to join their tea tasters premium club for $229 and waited.......waited...and waited.
After 4 months I contacted them via email after trying to log into my account with the account info they had emailed me - my account did not register and kept getting error.
So emailed customer services which I got an apology and informed that I would get my tea (3 x 28g each month for a year) and the tea gift set.
After 3 weeks did get my first 3 bags of 28g tea ... normal run of the mill teas but pretty good quality. Then waited another 3 months....nothing arrived. Contacted them again - Got another apology and again promised that things would be sorted out so would be my account as I still could not log in. Did recieve my next batch of tea - but that was the last I got from them.
So for my $229 - I got 6 packs of tea I could have picked up for under £10 from my local chinese tea retailer.
So do beware when ordering from this company!!!


A Must for Tea or Coffee Lovers!!!

Cannot fault their service!!! this is not a cheap company - you pay for what you get....but what you get is excellent quality! If you have a more expensive refined taste....then check out them out as they have some of the rarest teas/coffee around.


Great Quality Tea with Great Service

Love this company!!! buy from them a few times each year - each time the tea has been fantastic. Only once did I received tea that was close to expiry - one phonecall and I received replacement within 48 hours.


Check Use By Dates!!

Normally do not have any problem when I buy in store - but when they had a online sale 50% discount I decided to stock up on one particular supplement.
Ordered enough for my family to last 18 months.
Recieved order in a week - well packaged...but the use by date was within 2 months!!!! The other companies I usually purchase from always make sure I have around min 2 years before use by date - so was horrified.
Contacted customer services requesting a replacement - was informed that they could not guarantee that my replacement would not also be with only 2 months left on expiry date and that as the product were still considered 'Good' that refund of return postage would not be considered.
Requested if I could just take it to local holland and barrets retailer for exchange - was told I could not.
Cannot see why they cannot check the dates before they ship when someone orders 18 bottles (120 caps) 2 a day - they would know that a 2 month expiry date just is not enough.
Did consider that the reason why they had the 50% discount was due to the expiry date - but should they have not stated on their website?


Ebay is a bit like Marmite!!

Have used ebay for years - basically since it was first introduced into UK.
As a Buyer : Yes I have had serveral problems with a few sellers eg, huge overcharging on shipping cost (US$49 for a tiny teddy bear from USA) or ended up with fake products.........but....
Have had much more good experience via ebay - have saved a huge amount and have found items that I really wanted and could not find anywhere else.
As a Seller : The fees are annoying - buy ebay are a business and not a charity....I know what the costs are before I sell and I know how much commission I will have to pay.
Lucky for me - I have always maintained a 100% pos feedbackon ebay as a seller. so have never had any problems from buyers from ebay.
Love the site - but do suggest that like with many sites....check out the sellers feedback and ask questions if you are unsure. If you feel unsure about the seller......DON'T BID....simple.


Excellent Service, Fast Delivery

Order fromthis site on regular basis for my large number of Frogs and Reptiles. Quality of livefood is normally excellent - but on a very few times I have recieved less then perfect orders mainly due to weather or post condidtions - but one phonecall and the order is replaced with no problems.

Virgin Atlantic

Good Overall Airline

Fly with Virgin-Atlantic at least once a year and on the whole very pleased with the service they provide. Reason why its a 4 star and not 5 star rating is due to their online check-in for my family. Everytime I try to use this service, I get a error messsage. When I phone customer services they keep telling me that they will sort it out.......4 years on and I still get the same problem.
Online check in when travelling from Orlando will save you a fair few hrs in MCO - so fingers crossed they will sort it out one day.


Easy Booking

Use expedia few times each year for short UK breaks. Great prices and easy process. Have not had any problems with expedia booking service.......just make sure you read the reviews of hotels before you book!


Great Company - But Reception Could Be Better.

Always get good customer service and the loyalty bonus, orange Wed and magic numbers is brill. My only gripe would be when I travel around UK.....there are a few areas which reception is very poor.


Excellent Products with Great Discounts!

Buy from this site on regular basis and everytime have recieved items very quickly and in perfect condidtion. Now buy via virginatlantic site to get virgin points.......even more bonus....yay!!!

The Book People

Excellent Service and Prices

Having 6 kids, finding places with great prices is a requirement!! Thebookpeople have a huge list of books for all age groups at amazing prices. You can normally get a 10% discount code via myvouchercodes.com or they email you one if you join their mailing list...which makes for even more huge savings.
Books always arrive in excellent packaging within a week....for free if you spend £25.
So yes.....I do give this site 5 stars and would give more if I could lol.


Fantastic Customer Service

Always receive my items within a week, great offers, fantastic freebies, moneyback and great customer service!!!!


Excellent Items, fast shipping.

Have always received all orders within a week. Great free offers and discounts.


Excellent Company to buy from.

Have used amazon for years....have always received my goods in good time - have had a few faulty items but have had them promtly replaced or refunded.
Very pleased with level of service and prices.


Great Now!!

Had a few problems a year back....but Now they have got their act together, great prices with great service. One problem is that all their electric items have a 2 pin plug - tho they do also send you a adaptor.

Chemist Direct - UK's Online Pharmacy. Fast, discreet & secure.

Polite Staff....terrible service!

Ordered items on 13th Dec.....Items received on 15th but wrong items and item that had 1 month before expiry. Returned items on 16th and was told replacements would be sent asap. Waited till mid Jan...phoned them and was told they would be upgraded to priority shipping. Feb phoned again...told would be upgraded to priority shipping. March.....By April got fed up waiting and requested refund.

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