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UK Mail

If it wasn't for Yodel, these bufoons would be the worst in Britain.

Driver forged my signature (Like a 5-year-old) and probably threw my package in the bin once he found out it was worthless. Scum of the earth.

Kwik Fitinsurance

They'd sell your soul if they got a referral fee for it!

Their insurance is ok, but god help you if you have an accident. They'll sell your details to literally hundreds of vulture companies that'll phone you for years, trying to get you to sue somebody. I wasn't even in the car at the time. Of course, Kwik Fit denies selling my details, they won't even admit they're a bunch of greedy *****

Kwik Fit

For goodness sake, people, don't buy your tyres or brakes here! Biggest ripoff ever.

I know the adverts say the prices are low, but go to a local mechaninc, and you'll be amazed how much cheaper and better the local guys are. Example - Kwik Fit quoted me £175 to replace a handbrake cable. A local garage did it for £55. Yes, that much difference. I wouldn't let Kwik Fit's untrained monkeys near my brakes.

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These scum will ruin your town, all they care about is their own greed.

Theftco opened their store a while back in our little town, complete with petrol station. We used to have 3 other stations, but Theftco started selling their petrol at a loss, so everyone bought their petrol there. Needless to say, the three other stations went out of business very quickly and closed, at which point Theftco bumped their prices right up. If there is such a thing is truly evil corporate greed, it's these scum. They'll happily rape your town to keep their shareholders happy. Wish I could give less than one star.

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Buzz Supplies LTD

Quality, value for money and excellent service

I've used Buzz Catering supplies a few times now, as I find other catering supply companies overcharge for quality. I've found that Buzz has the same quality, but without the inflated prices. Would definitely recommend.

30 January 2013

Reply from Buzz Catering Supplies LTD

Thank you Emmet for your feedback! Buzz hopes you return in the near future, keep up-to-date with the latest offers on our website. Remember: WE DON'T COMPROMISE ON QUALITY GET THE TRUSTED BRANDS FOR LESS.

Pet Supermarket

They never answer the phone, charge 10p/min!

These people send out their orders with those idiots at Yodel, who just leave cards without trying to deliver. Try phoning Yodel, it's 10p/min to be put on hold and never answered. Try phoning Pet Supermarket, the same thing happens, at 10p/min. Tried for 3 days, no answer. DON'T USE!!!!

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