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Cougar Extreme

They seem to think that they are doing you a favour

When something goes wrong you learn a lot about the business that you have chosen to contract with. In my case this Is where Cougar Extreme failed epically. Knowing what I now do about this company I should have been extremely firm with them from day one. Having spent nearly 2k with CE things were not 100% from the outset. The case was slightly damaged & the ps2 port did not work. However, I let these things slide as I was eager to enjoy my expensive new PC.
Now, the reason I am mentioning these points Is because I could have rightly demanded the situation rectified but I chose not to as It was not vital to the running of the machine.
I spent nearly 2k on both goods and services (they built the PC as well as supplying the parts). After some time It became apparent that the main hd was very faulty & this Is where the problems begin.
Cougar Extreme's lack of respectful service led to me having to call often, they did not return calls so I often had to call again only to be told a lame excuse.
Nearly 4 months later a replacement drive was apparently sent by mail (It should have been sent by courier under the circumstances !). It would also been decent for someone to call me when the drive was sent so that I knew exactly when to expect It. Nearly two weeks passed & no drive. Normally I would not wait so long but given the slackness of these lot I just assumed that It had not been sent. When I called CE again I was given a tracking no. for the Royal Mail site & It was confirmed that the postal service had lost the Item. CE were aware of this & were trying to recall the parcel. I still had no drive & lets be honest, I did not contract with the postal services CE did when they sent It. Basically, I the Innocent consumer were still without MY DRIVE !
Cougar Extreme did not want to send me another drive until they had received the one lost In the postal system. Just to be clear, CE knew that It was lost In the system, It had not been delivered or signed for so there was nothing dishonest on my behalf of which they were clear.
After more chasing on my behalf they agreed very reluctantly to send me my drive. I made sure to confirm my address details with them (just to mention the Initial system delivery was Incorrectly addressed, luckily the courier called me after the wrong address did not answer...2k system I paid for SCARY !. CE blamed the courier of course).
Anyway, as a final Insult & show of Incompetence CE called me for a change...they had "misplaced" the address details that I had provided two days previously. It took every ounce of my willpower to remain civil with the guy on the phone but I managed It just...I was Informed that they would not send the drive to my home address again, a problem for me as I work from home. This was In relation to my home address to which the Initial system was delivered & besides they know Its Royal Mail that have messed up. They were unreasonably adamant so eventually I decided to have the drive sent to my girlfriends work address which Is a secure Government building. Inconvenient for me but I had no choice. The last thing that CE told me offended, disgusted and also vexed me. I was told "that's It, If this one goes missing we won't send another one". This Is grossly unfair considering that I have done nothing wrong. I would have taken legal proceedings against them If needed but fortunately the drive arrived. What an abysmal saga.

23 June 2012

Reply from

I have checked our records and to my knowledge your drive was posted to you via royal mail recorded delivery on the date that you were told it had been processed. It was only a few weeks later when you contacted us to request the whereabouts of your parcel that we became aware that there was a problem. After investigating this we found that your parcel was missing in the post. As you have mentioned you were given a tracking number which stated that we had posted it when we promised.
Regarding the comment about not wishing to post to the same address again prior to receiving the missing item back, you were fine with this as considering you yourself had mentioned that sometimes the post in your area was not the most reliable, it was our request to have another address provided for delivery to ensure a successful second attempt. You insisted that your parcel be sent initially to your home address prior to us receiving the second item back, to which we stated that we would be willing to do so, but as you said if the second parcel went missing we would not post to this address again.
We are sorry that you feel you have been mistreated in this situation as that was not our intention. I personally found you a pleasure to deal with over the phone and hope that we can rectify your opinion of us in the future.

Yours truly

Cougar Extreme.

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