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Great for professionals but....

If you are a first time user of RCS’s website and you don’t understand print you will find it difficult to order due to the number of options, volume of products and you will need to set time aside to read the plethora of information for example under the artwork preparation, just on the page design requirements alone you will need to read over 2000 words to ensure your order complies with RCS’s ordering ‘rules’.
If you still want to proceed with your order and are not frustrated by the fact that you still have a large amount of work to do before you can start placing your order then read on…
If you are not experienced with design & print, a first time user or even a long standing RCS customer (like us) placing an order through the website is daunting a mind blowing number of products and choices for each product e.g. If you want to order 250 Trifold (A4 to 1/3 A4 Double Sided Full Colour Leaflets, you are given a staggering 27 choices before you can see your price and remember every time you click an option there is a cost implication, so check your total price carefully.
If you would like RCS to ‘Pre-Print Check’ your artwork, at extra cost of £3.95 + vat and more for books & booklets. This is an excellent service but problems can and do still occur with printed jobs. RCS also do not state on their website that if they find a problem, you correct and resend you have the option to select if you want to pay another £3.95 + vat.
One of the many problems with sending a job to print is how a colour will print. RCS offer you a solution of swatch books printed on their presses (£25 for a set coated & uncoated), you have to pay the £3.95 + vat to have them match to the books and we have had experience of the colours not matching at all, it seems a lot of money to pay if you can’t fully guarantee the colour. I would advise if wanting a particular colour to ask RCS to use Pantone colours (if you know about that kind of thing!) but this is an expensive option as they specialise in full colour print.
On their website it states: We aim to delight you with the quality of our print, the level of our service and the competitiveness of our prices.’
This is true but their prices are only competitive for the quality of print and the level of service they aim to delight you with!
We are a reseller of print for RCS and during the last couple of years the Reseller Plugin Packages remain unchanged and inflexible. We have been sending our print orders to RCS for 5 years now, in the beginning they helped us by generating significant turnover for our business, they have also helped over years contribute to the loss of trust, confidence and therefore sales (£1000’s) with customers/business clients and as print has become more competitive and at RCS prices (even with the so called benefits) it has been impossible to get them back. They are also under the impression that what is good for one is good for everyone.
Like anything in life if you want the best you have to pay the money for it, the only problem is if you are already dealing with other printers who you can just email, they check things for free, give great service, charge less and you are delighted with the end product. Why switch?
Overall, RCS are not a normal print company, they specialise in very high quality print using stochastic screening if that is what you are looking for, have the skills to print ready artwork as per their rules and have an above average budget then RCS are the company for you.

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Snap Plc

Excellence Everytime

We have used Snap on many occasions for of our graphic design requirements. No matter what the project their service and quality of work has been excellent.
I would recommend Snap to anyone looking for high end, creative, unique, stand out professional design with a touch of flair, if you are looking for cheap run of mill design look elsewhere.

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